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RUL Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Library and Information Services (LIS) Strategic Plan (2020 -2022)


The Rhodes University Library strategic plan 2020 - 2022 is informed by the 2020 Academic Library standards developed by the Committee of Higher Education Libraries in South Africa (CHELSA), a coalition of all 26 Higher Education Libraries in South Africa.  The standards seek to advance the role of academic libraries as partners to the teaching, learning, and research endeavors of South African higher education institutions.  The framework is further influenced by the principles as laid down by the 2018 National Policy for Library and Information Services (LIS) in South Africa which seeks to promote and develop the LIS Sector to contribute to the development of a responsive, responsible, and deliberative informed and reading nation.

The Strategy is aligned to the Rhodes University (RU) Institutional Development Plan (2018 -2022) and the seven (7) RU goals outlined in the 2020 RU Annual Performance Plan.  The seven RU goals are premised from two important documents that define the academic project and transformation imperatives; the RU Institutional Development Plan (IDP) and the RU Institutional Transformation Plan (ITP).  The Strategy is made up of six strategic elements; the overall RU Vision and Mission, the LIS Purpose Statement, Values, Broad Focus Areas (BFAs), and Key Performance Areas (KPAs) that are all aligned to the seven (7) RU goals. Both the vision and mission are derived from the institutional IDP.  The LIS further developed a purpose statement and values, which, in turn, developed BFAs and KPAs that translated into action plans and activities that form the Annual Operating Plan for the LIS.     

The Strategy is a product of a broader consultative process with the Library Management Team, the entire Library Staff, and the Office of the Director: Quality and Institutional Planning.  As a living document, the strategy will be reviewed annually with inputs from the office of the DVC Research and Development; the Library Committee, and Senate.  The strategy will be accessible on the Library webpage and an online feedback system will be devised to gather input from these stakeholders.   At its core, the strategy is a highly collaborative effort, created through a transparent process to develop a shared vision, mission, purpose statement, values, broad focus areas, and key performance areas. 


The Rhodes University Library and Information Services support the institutional mission in pursuit of its vision to “strive to produce outstanding graduates who are innovative, analytical, articulate, balanced and adaptable, with a life-long love of learning; and to strive, through teaching, research and community service, to contribute to the advancement of international scholarship and the development of the Eastern Cape and Southern Africa”.


The Rhodes University Library and Information Service adhere to the institutional vision “to be an outstanding internationally-respected academic institution which proudly affirms its African identity and which is committed to democratic ideals, academic freedom, rigorous scholarship, sound moral values, and social responsibility”.


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