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Research Consultation/Help

  • The faculty librarians provide research support by assisting with literature searches; providing library training sessions/workshops; and developing the collection. The staff to contact are:

Science & Pharmacy
Principal Faculty Services Librarian: Thandiwe Menze
Email: v.menze@ru.ac.za
RUL Science & Pharmacy Blog

Commerce (including Law)
Principal Faculty Services Librarian: Jill Otto
Email: j.otto@ru.ac.za
RUL Commerce Blog

Humanities & Education
(Humanities Departments: AnthropologyEnglish Language & LinguisticsJournalism & Media Studies, Philosophy, Political & International Studies, Psychology, Sociology.  Education Faculty: Education Dept., CHERTL, ELRC & RUMEP)
Librarians: Ayanda Qomfo
Email: A.Qomfo@ru.ac.za   
RUL Humanities Blog

 Humanities (including Music)
(Fine Art, Drama, Music, English Literature, School of Languages, History)
Principal Faculty Services Librarian: Linda Cartwright
Email: l.cartwright@ru.ac.za

Faculty Librarians offer group workshops or training sessions to staff and postgraduate students to enable them to use library resources effectively and efficiently. Participants will be introduced to databases, and be made aware of the options for Research Management Tools.


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