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Rhodes Library Services - Purpose Statement

‌‌‌Purpose Statement

Rhodes University Library and Information Services is committed to supporting the mission of Rhodes University in the pursuit of knowledge by students, researchers, scholars, and surrounding communities, by providing quality learning resources, client-centered services, the skills required to effectively participate in the information society and knowledge economy and, a conducive physical and virtual learning environment, that enhances intellectual creativity as well as the free and open exchange of knowledge and ideas.


The Rhodes University LIS adheres to the Institutional value system as outlined in the Institutional Development Plan 2018 -2022. Further to these, the LIS values:

  • User-centered service delivery model
  • Optimal access to knowledge

We design and deliver client-centered services that foreground the users’ needs with the aim of enabling the pursuit of knowledge and contribute to life-long learning

We strive for both the discovery of, and the provision of access to knowledge, by eliminating as many barriers to information as possible, so as to enable the free and open exchange of knowledge and ideas in an enhanced physical and virtual user environment

  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Openness, communication, and teamwork

We embrace the concept of a learning organization by encouraging continuous professional development and learning for both personal and organizational development

We affirm the principle of openness which embraces a willingness to listen openly and to react honestly to the messages of others, promoting communication and the free flow of information between employees within the workplace. Other benefits of open communication include transparency, team building, and better understanding for all.

  • Inclusivity, mutual respect, and freedom of speech
  • Good work ethic, professionalism, and responsible stewardship

We will foster respect for the rights and dignity of every person, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion or belief, or any other identity.  We embrace the open expression of ideas where all parties are able to express themselves to one another freely, through interaction to foster a culture in which we engage each other with mutual respect that is essential to the development of a scholarly and academic community.

We place a high value on executing our work with professionalism and integrity emphasizing individual conduct on the job and taking responsibility and accountability for our actions.

  • Collaboration and Partnerships

The library takes seriously its social responsibility role and recognizing the value of internal and external collaborations and partnerships and the importance of community engagement projects.



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