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Rhodes Library Services - Purpose Statement

‌‌‌RUL Purpose Statement

The Rhodes University Library (RUL) has evolved into an attractive, well-resourced and popular facility that is designed to actively promote and support the research, teaching and learning endeavours of the University. The RUL, aligned to the RU faculties, provides customised services and products to undergraduates, post-graduates, staff, alumni and visiting scholars of each faculty. 

All services are designed towards providing on & off-site access to global information and knowledge. The RUL is committed to building, maintaining and facilitating access to balanced and relevant information & knowledge collections in print and electronic formats; providing the necessary equipment and technologies to access and use all types of information; and facilitating access to national and international collections through inter-lending and reciprocal agreements. (Satgoor, U. 2012.  Rhodes University Library Strategic Plan 2013 - 2015)

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