Current Protocols in BioInformatics

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Current Protocols in BioInformatics
Current Protocols in BioInformatics

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Current Protocols in Bioinformatics is the comprehensive resource for all types of protocols in bioinformatics, enabling the life scientist to become "fluent" in bioinformatics and master the exciting new frontiers opened up by the advent of large-scale, genome-wide, high-throughput technologies.

Areas of coverage include:

  • Using Biological Databases
  • Recognizing Functional Domains
  • Finding Similarities and Inferring Homologies
  • Annotating Genes
  • Modeling Structure from Sequence
  • Inferring Evolutionary Relationships
  • Analyzing Expression Patterns
  • Analyzing Molecular Interactions
  • Building Biological Databases
  • Comparing Genomes
  • Assembling and Mapping Large Sequence Sets
  • Analyzing RNA Sequence and Structure
  • Using Proteomics Techniques
  • Cheminformatics and Metabolomics
  • Understanding Genome Variation
  • Pathway Analysis