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Free TRIAL Access
Free TRIAL Access
Free TRIAL Access to Financial Mail Archive (1959-2001) and Business Day Archive (1985-2001)  until 16 August 2019.

Financial Mail (South Africa) Historical Archive, 1959-2001

The Financial Mail has provided authoritative news from across the continent and the world since 1959.While its archive offers a comprehensive history of South African markets, researchers can also use the paper’s financial coverage as a mirror for understanding topics of broad social importance, including the rise and fall of apartheid and major shifts in South African culture, labour and politics.

Business Day (South Africa) Historical Archive, 1985-2001

Business Day goes beyond traditional financial reporting to cover sport, travel, books, arts and entertainment from a business-minded perspective. Its editorial integrity helps ensure that researchers find reliable information, while its popular opinion columns offer unique perspectives on current events.

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