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Ujala Satgoor, Library Director
Ujala Satgoor, Library Director

To all our new students, welcome to Rhodes University, the place where you have chosen to embrace this new chapter of your life as a young adult and student.

Our Purpose Statement - "The Rhodes University Library is committed to the pursuit of knowledge by connecting people to resources that contribute to the intellectual development of responsible citizens” - recognises that your primary purpose as a student is to broaden your intellectual horizons through the active pursuit of knowledge so that you become a responsible global citizen.


We are committed to:

  • Fostering an environment of enquiry and dialogue;

  • Providing access to credible and authoritative print and electronic resources that cater to your different needs during the course of your developmental pursuits so that you make informed decisions and choices;

  • Availing state-of-the-art facilities for study, meetings and programmes;

  • The ethical use of information and knowledge;

  • Respecting a person's right to privacy and confidentiality; 

  • Ensuring and maintaining an accessible and safe place.

By providing access and connecting you to the body of world knowledge and information, you can be assured that both your academic responsibilities are being met and intellectual horizons broadened. 

Library Director Welcome Message 2018