Library Director's Welcome Message

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To all new and returning students, I wish to extend a warm welcome to the Rhodes University Library (RUL). The academic journey is a long but exciting, daunting, frustrating, fulfilling and dynamic experience. Your ability to navigate this journey is contingent upon your familiarity with the various University entities that exist to support your physical, emotional and intellectual well-being. The Rhodes University Library is one such entity and we pride ourselves on being your study partner during the course of your academic journey. 

Our Purpose Statement - "The Rhodes University Library is committed to the pursuit of knowledge by connecting people to resources that contribute to the intellectual development of responsible citizens - recognises that your primary purpose is the pursuit of knowledge so that you become a responsible global citizen. Our role is to provide access and connect you to the body of world knowledge and information, so that both your academic responsibilities are met and intellectual horizons are broadened. Do not limit yourself as this is the time for enquiry, debate, learning and expanding your thinking – delve deeper into subjects and become informed about contemporary issues and debates so that you learn to hold your own! 

It is my pleasure, therefore, to invite you to come and explore the wealth of information and knowledge resources that we provide for this journey. The physical space of the Library is beautiful and comfortable with a variety of learning and social spaces where students spend many hours studying, writing, researching or reading for fun. But most of all, our professional, friendly staff, who are waiting to welcome you, are available to assist you at all times. I also encourage you to pop by my office with any concern or suggestions that may enhance your and others experience of the Library.

 We wish you well with all your endeavours!

 Ujala Satgoor