Thousands of articles available in September

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Thousands of articles available in September

This September, all students at Rhodes University can benefit from unlimited access to articles via  Providing over 130 different academic journals in a wealth of research fields, sees visits from over 6 million users every month.  Free Trial access to from 1 Sept to 30 Sept 2015, including full text access to articles from August 2011 - September 2015.

As a member of the Rhodes University community, you can access from anywhere on campus, as well as off campus access via your institutional remote login.

For a taste of the content available through this September, a selection of journals is listed.  Click on any title to see what paper is trending in that journal today:


Nature Biotechnology

Nature Climate Change

Nature Geoscience

Nature Physics

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Don’t forget that this is just a selection of the content available to you on via the library at Rhodes University.  If you’re looking for a particular paper or field of study, you can use these helpful links:

Publications A-Z index – View a list of the entire Nature Publishing Group journals portfolio with this handy alphabetical list of titles.

Advanced search function – Looking for that elusive paper?  Use this tool and you might just find what you’ve been searching for.

Browse by subject – Stay up-to-date on key developments in your field of interest with content from across in a single place.

For more information, talk to your librarian team today.