Letter of Appeal

Dear Old Rhodian

As we hit full stride in the new Academic year at Rhodes, so the 2013 Tax year winds down and the Rhodes University Annual Fund gears up for a very productive year.

In 2013, thanks to the generosity of our alumni, the Annual Fund raised over R780 000.00 from just over 500 donors.  This year we have set our sights even higher with a goal of R1.5 million from 600 donors.

The focus for our 2014 appeal is bursary support for academically talented students in financial need to access a Rhodes University education.  Each year, the University allocates millions from its own funds for financial aid but even that is not enough.  We rely on support provided by our generous donors and we hope that you will consider helping us by pledging to assist deserving students by making your own monthly or once off contribution.

As a South African taxpayer, you will be issued with a Section 18A tax certificate which will entitle you to a tax rebate at the end of the 2013/14 Tax Year (28/02/2014).

By participating in the cycle of regular alumni contributions, you are showing your support for Rhodes University, its uncompromising standards and the spirit of “Family” that is the essence of Rhodes University and our Old Rhodians.

We hope you will give to the Annual Fund this year. With so many opportunities and so many worthy causes, we are truly grateful for your willingness to include Rhodes University among your philanthropic priorities.

For more information on this appeal do not hesitate to contact Terryl McCarthy at 046-603 8887 or t.mccarthy@ru.ac.za should you have any questions.

Many thanks, in advance

Dr Saleem Badat


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