The power of bequests. Through the years, bequests have made a powerful impact on the world around us, particularly in the fields of welfare and education. For example, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie left bequests totalling $US350m. In his lifetime he set up 2500 libraries in Britain and North America and his bequests supported four Scottish universities and the Carnegie Mellon University. Read More Here

Rhodes University has been registered as a beneficiary of MySchool. Any money raised through this partnership will be channelled through the Old Rhodian Union into the bursary fund for children and grandchildren of Old Rhodians.
MySchool is South Africa's foremost community support programme and gives Old Rhodians in South Africa a vehicle through which to make a meaningful contribution to the Old Rhodian Bursary Fund. Read More Here

Give 5 is a fundraising campaign run by students to raise money for fellow students.  Students are invited to raise money via R5 coins throughout the campaign and healthy competition is encouraged between the Halls and Residences with a prize for the one that collects the most money.    The Campaign will run one week a year, with a 5m Fire Walk either starting the campaign or ending the campaign.  Read More Here

We all want to believe that in some way we can help make this world a better place… that what we do today will have a lasting, positive influence on generations to come.  For those of us privileged to be part of the Rhodes community, contributing to the Annual Fund is an effective and meaningful way of making a difference.  Just as those who went before us played their part in establishing the University, we rely on alumni, staff and friends to continue paying it forward.  Read More Here