Actor's song a protest against femicide - Vakele Genu

Vakele Genu
Vakele Genu

CONVERSATIONS in a hair salon have inspired actor, hip-hop artist, writer and producer Vakele Genu, also known as AG Akel, to write his debut song for digital platforms as a form of protest against femicide.

“It is my dedication act against the femicide that is happening in our country right now. As men we need to stand up and say this is enough, no more mistreating of women,” said Genu.

“I love performing, I understand it. So I do with music, but I never wanted to release something of my own until I was ready.

“This debut project extended play single of mine called Conversations in a Black Salon, is an extension of what I feel and who I am.”

Born and bred in KwaNobuhle, this Rhodes University alumnus in drama, music and African languages travels between Uitenhage and Cape Town where he is involved in movie and television productions.

A woman’s portrait with coffee stains all around her face, appears on the cover art work of his debut EP.

“The coffee stains effect actually tells what we as men put women through, the agonies, the wounds we inflect on women,” said Genu.

His student friend Lelona Fufu, was brutally murdered during 2012 whilst she was hitch-hiking to her graduation at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

Genu explained that he named his debut four track EP Conversations in a Black Salon as “you do not have to go to a pub or tavern to have lofty conversations.

“I have realised that salons are the environment where people, especially women, are enjoying real lofty conversations.”

He recently established his own independent music and film company which he named NoziWorld1988, after his late twin sister.

Women have influenced his life and his mother, Thobeka Genu, plays a prominent role. So much so that his debut album will be titled 51 Years, the time that his mother has been working as a domestic worker.

“We are basically nothing without women. Mothers gave birth to us and raised us, that caring side needs to be embraced. I embrace that a lot,” said Genu.

During December Genu will go on a tour through the Eastern Cape to perform his music. It will commence in his home town of Uitenhage.

  • His music is available at all digital music stores like Spotify, Amazon and Apple.



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