Carmen Bisset Carlson (1998)

Anyone paying attention to the triathlon scene in Taiwan in recent years is sure to have noticed the rise in participation among female athletes, some of whom are earning endorsement deals for their healthy beauty. A local cycling magazine recently featured several accomplished young triathletes on its cover, looking every bit as good as professional models (but far healthier and more radiant). Among the local athletes' sea of jet black hair and almond eyes one race winner stands out with her height and blonde hair - South African expat Carmen, a resident of Taichung. Carmen has spent the past four months preparing for her first Ironman race in Melbourne, Australia, and is leaving this Saturday for the challenge.

Although not feeling fresh just yet after only just starting her taper for the Ironman, Carmen scored a huge breakthrough this past Sunday at the Kaohsiung Love River Triathlon, improving her swim by over 10 minutes!

Tu Jingwen

Source:  Alumni