Pebbles Gqunta (1995)

  • Two-time SAMA nominee Pebbles is back with another soulful offering featuring Zubz who is also an Old Rhodian (1996) , Nothende, Kabomo and RJ Benjamin.
  • Pebbles is clearly a fan of adjectives beginning with 'P'. Her first album was titled Playful Soul and her more recent, sophomore album is called Phenomenal. It’s been seven years since South Africa first encountered Pebbles Gqunta. She broke into the music industry in what may seem by chance but according to her was destiny. The then 28-year old singer was asked to sing for a group of Outrageousrecords executives. Her voice clearly impressed the powers-that-be because then and there Pebbles was offered a record contract.
  • This was a major feat for the young songstress seeing as she would be joining a label which housed H2O, Zubz, Proverb and Optical Illusion, SA’s most original hip-hop acts of the time.
  • Towards the end of this year, Pebbles hopes to have gone on both a national and European tour of Phenomenal and have cemented her comeback in the music industry. Pebbles has no unrealistic expectations of her reintroduction to music. Instead she is embracing what the present has brought her – new opportunities and essentially a second chance to touch people’s souls with her music.

Source:  Destiny

Source:  Alumni

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