Old Rhodian Authors 1980 to 1999

Please note that the year date depicts the first year the Author was at Rhodes and not the year the book was published.

Neal Collins (1980)

Neal is a sport journalist based in London and has published A Game Apart - The Real Story Behind The World Cup In South Africa, 2010 which is a fictional account of how South Africa as a sporting nation has developed since the days of Apartheid and is based largely on what Neal witnessed as a student, footballer and very junior sports journalist from 1979 to 1985. Please visit www.nealcollins.co.uk for details or you can order at

Dan Wylie (1980)

A jacana pocket biography SHAKA

A jacana pocket biography shaka

We all picture Shaka as a lean, mean, assegai-wielding warrior-king, the military genius who founded the Zulu nation. In fact, we don't actually know when he was born, what he looked like, or exactly when he died. Almost every other story you've heard is probably either wrong or contested. This biography draws on the last two decades of historical research to reassess the eyewitness accounts and use newly available oral traditions. The picture that emerges is astonishingly different from the popular stereotype.

Dan Wylie (1980) and Craig Mackenzie (1992)

No Other World

No other world : Essays on the life-work of Don Maclennan is the indispensable guide to the life and work of Don Maclennan – one of South Africa’s most incisive and important poets of the last few decades. Don published or printed some twenty volumes of poetry, increasingly spare and lapidary, increasingly concerned with his approaching death.  Though sometimes disturbing, they above all celebrated the simple fact of being alive, being in love, being sensuous.  He knew that there is “no other world” than this one.  There is probably no poetry in South Africa’s national oeuvre more thoughtfully authentic than his.  Editors: Craig Mackenzie is Professor of English at the University of Johannesburg and came to know Don Maclennan as a postgraduate student at Rhodes University.  Dan Wylie is Professor of English at Rhodes University, where he studied and worked with Don Maclennan.



Russell H. Kaschula (1981)

Russell Kaschula’s delightful and provocative stories explore the complexities of living in the intercultural spaces of Southern Africa, reflections born out of his own history and experiences. Depicting a truly South African identity, the stories are told without bigotry, condescension or political correctness, and embrace the theme of our common historical uncertainty and displacement, over a period stretching back to the 1850s. Bringing together pre- and post- apartheid threads, he weaves together sometimes painful, sometimes humorous incidents of change, sorrow, fun, violence, forgiveness, innocence, identity, belonging, new directions and interlinked destinies.

 Displaced - Russell H. Kaschula

Russell Kaschula (1981)

Russell holds a doctorate in African Literature and has published widely in the field of linguistics and literature.  He has been the recipient of a number of awards, including the Oppenheimer Fellowship to the University of London, the Young African Leaders Award and the Nulton International Scholarship for study in the USA. He has been awarded the Nadine Gordimer/COSAW prize for short story writing and the Nasou Via Afrika prize for studies in African literature. He is presently professor of African Language Studies in the School of Languages at Rhodes University.


Mugabe was Right unpacks homophobia, sexism and racism in a funny, yet razor-sharp humour and style. Mugabe was Right is a satirical, upfront piece of writing, weaving an intricate story in the form of a series of highly readable sketches where the characters are both bizarre and believable. The story revolves around the land invasions in Zimbabwe, but it also exposes the abuse of political power, and greed.

The book is available from the NELM Bookshop: email nelm@ru.ac.za

In The Bones of The Ancestors Are Shaking, Russell Kaschula provides an ample introduction to the subject of oral poetry, both drawing on earlier accounts and presenting his own material, much of which has hitherto been unavailable in book form. Kaschula presents rich texts and translations of the Xhosa praise poetry for which southern Africa has long been famous, not only in the context of studies of African oral literature, but also among comparative scholars of world literature. The texts and translations in this book are a valuable and attractive addition to the record, ranging as they do from nineteenth-century examples to late twentieth-century praises for Joe Slovo, F.W. de Klerk, the South African soccer squad or Nelson Mandela, the latter being a special focus of the volume.’
Professor Ruth Finnegan, The Open University, UK



Dan Wylie (1980)

Dan Wylie has published Savage Delight: White myths of Shaka (2000); a memoir of the Rhodesian war, Dead Leaves (2002); Myths of Iron (2008) and some volumes of poetry. He has recently published Elephant with Reaktion Books, London. This is one in a very successful series about individual species and human culture. The volumes are neat, compact, heavily illustrated, aimed at the scholarly and non-academic general reader alike, and packed with fascinating information about the biology, science, art, literature, mythology and commerce of the species concerned. Dr Wylie also teaches in the Department of English at Rhodes University.

Submitted April 2009.

David Michie (1981)

David Michie is the best-selling author of Buddhism for Busy People and Hurry Up and Meditate as well as the Buddhist thriller The Magician of Lhasa. His new non-fiction book, Enlightenment to Go, will be launched in Australia in August 2010.

David has been a meditator since 1994 and a student of the Tibetan Buddhist Society for over ten years. Born in Zimbabwe and educated at Rhodes University, he has lived and worked in both Johannesburg and London. He is now based in Perth and is married. For a listing of his books and further information, please visit his website at www.davidmichie.com

Debby Wegener (1981)

A Reference Librarian at the Temasek Polytechnic Library in Singapore, born and bred in Zimbabwe, started her career in the library world at the circulation desk of Rhodes University Library and has published her book, Training Library Patrons the Addie Way. The book takes an informal and in-depth look at the five steps of the ADDIE model - Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation - as used in library training programmes. For more info please look at :


Bridget Hilton-Barber (1982)

Travel writer and author - lives in Agatha, a small district in the mountains, about 12km from Tzaneen and shares her house with four cats inside and a rooster and three hens outside. Interview in SUNDAY TIMES, Lifestyle 23 Nov 2008 Page 14

Jessica Pitchford (1983)

The Stories Behind The Stories Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche burst onto the scene in 1988 as a genre never before seen on South African television: a trail-blazer, a blend of sociological awareness, sophistication and audacity. When pay channel M-Net came up with this different and daring weekly eye-opener that pushed the envelope, it brought promise of freedom and creativity and ended a period in South Africa’s history in which television news and current affairs were limited to the state broadcaster.

Twenty-five years on, the familiar Carte Blanche melody has become an institution, announcing the end of the weekend and the start of an hour that resists the mundane and stimulates debate. What’s become a Sunday night ritual began in a make-shift studio with a small team of firebrands, led by an arrogant, fearless talent, a showman with scant respect for the conventions of the time.

Carte Blanche still after many years brings shaking complacency and bringing to the screen a social and ecological conscience, be it the cruelty meted out to the Tuli elephants, the selfless courage of Sally Trench, or blast off with Mark Shuttleworth. It’s enabled us all to chase car thieves across our borders, catch out rogue mechanics and find out what security guards and plumbers do and don’t do in our homes. It’s brought to our screens a host of unforgettable characters from the transsexuals of Beaufort West to the shady directors of Aurora.

Carte Blanche – The Stories behind the Stories dips into an era of quality journalism through the eyes of the producers and presenters who have so effectively measured the national mood and recognized defining moments. It’s a show that has become part of our landscape and promises to survive another quarter of a century.

Dispatched from and sold by Amazon

The Stories Behind The Stories Carte Blanche

Troy Blacklaws (1984)

Troy was born in 1965 in Natal and discovered at 14 that “South Africa was a world pariah and that black men were shot in their struggle for freedom. Baited as a kaffirboetie (a niggerlover), I became an outsider at Paarl Boys' High. I studied English and History at Rhodes University and then spent two bitter years as a conscript in the army. I would not carry a gun. Nelson Mandela was in jail during all this time.”

Karoo Boy, his debut novel, set in the 1970’s tells the story of how 14 year old Douglas deals with grief after his twin brother Marsden dies in a freak accident. He and his mother leaves the Cape and moves to a small and arid Karoo town where she turns to painting full time while he is left to deal the local Afrikaner boys. Two friends lead Douglas on the journey through adolescence, helping him deal with his pain and find himself: the rebellious Marika, who lights the flame of teenage passion in him, and Moses, a petrol attendant who has been stranded in the Karoo after his dompas was stolen. Moses becomes a father figure in Douglas's life and, by telling him of his own initiation time with the abakwetha, gets Douglas to see his time in Klipdorp as a rite of passage to manhood. Race, sex, Afrikaner slang and the hot Karoo is all absorbed into the book to capture the atmospherics of South Africa in the 1970’s.

South Africa Times - Elizma Nolte – 27 September 2005

His second novel to be published, Blood Orange, is a semi-autobiographical work based on his memoirs. Set in Natal and in the Cape, it is a bitter-sweet novel of a South African boyhood. The novel tells the story of Gecko, with an oblique, out-of-synch way of looking at the world and explores his childhood, growing up in Natal, and his tragi-comic sexual and political awakening in high school in the Cape, and on towards his conscription into the SADF..
The novel was adapted to the stage by Blacklaws, Craig Morris (1992) and Greig Coetzee. The play, directed by Greig Coetzee, was first performed at the Grahamstown Arts Festival, South Africa, on the 1st of July, 2006 and continues to increase its audience every year.


Bafana Bafana follows the adventures of Pelé, a poor township boy who dreams of watching his soccer hero, Sibusiso Zuma, in action for Bafana Bafana, in which quest he is helped by Old Jamani, the village medicine man. Township folklore has been incorporated into the story which adds to its appeal and the story combines hope, love and fear as it makes its way to a happy ending.

Source: Zoubair Ayoob, Cape Argus


Mason Cranswick (1985)

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, a career in investment banking has taken Mason around the world - from London, Tokyo and New York to Singapore during the Asian currency crisis of the late 90's.

He now lives in Cape Town and is the author of Blood Lily a thrilling story of loyalty and betrayal, forged in the heat of the Rhodesian bush war in which there would be no winners. This book vividly illustrates the effect the war had on the youth of both races. The story is about Scott who grew up as a privileged white boy alongside his best friend, Simba, a black boy, on his parents farm. His book rekindles nostalgic memories of a beautiful land and the exitement level is maintained throughout the book; It will touch your heart and it is a must read!

Details to purchase the book are at www.bloodlily.co.za

Film Clip:




Rod Mackenzie (1985)

Rod MacKenzie has had two books published, most recently a memoir about his life in China, Cracking China:, a memoir of our first three years in China.

The critic Julia Denny-Dimitriou in her review of the book in The Witness said that Rod MacKenzie is an “accomplished poet”. Altogether Rod and his wife Marion spent five years in China, teaching English, mostly to children, which kept the couple young. He has a popular blog on The Mail and Guardian’s blogging platform, Thought Leader. The blog was called Cracking China until Rod and Marion moved to join their family in New Zealand where they hope to settle down. Rod has also had a collection of his poetry published, Gathering Light.

After completing a degree at Rhodes, he did an Honours Degree in English at UCT. Jobs have included teaching, sales and running a franchise. He has traveled extensively and also lived in England. Rod is continuously writing, and has produced several manuscripts, including novels

Vanessa Farr (1986)

Dr Vanessa Farr is a Senior Social Development and Gender Advisor with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and she has co-edited the book, Sexed Pistols: The Gendered Impacts of Small Arms and Light Weapons, ISBN: 978-92-808-1175-9 released in December 2009. Every day, small arms and light weapons (SALW) kill and maim, wound and threaten millions of adults and children, whether combatants and civilians in war zones or gangs and communities. Small arms are misused within domestic settings, as well as in public spaces, and they affect everyone in the community without regard to sex or age. Editors of the book (Vanessa Farr,Henri Myrttinen and Albrecht Schnabel) draw on experience and research from around the world on the nexus of gender, age, violence and small arms in developing and developed countries. Their findings feed into a number of recommendations for future policy formulation, programme implementation and research designed to further illuminate and counteract the firing of the "sexed pistol."

Elizabeth (van Niekerk) Seidler Lowry (1987)

Elizabeth has written an art mystery novel entitled The Bellini Madonna. Elizabeth lives in the United Kingdom in Oxfordshire with her husband Ralph Seidler who is an Engineer, and their two children. This is a first novel and is a treat for lovers of elegant mystery and exquisite prose.

"Thomas Lynch was once a brilliant young art historian. Now he is a disgraced, middle-aged art historian, overly fond of the bottle and of his fresh young students. But everything will change now that he's on the trail of a lost masterpiece, a legendary Madonna by the Italian master Giovanni Bellini."

Christopher Nichols (1988)

The Astral Traveller Cover

The Complete Astral Traveller, published on 22 July 2004, with ISBN 1904762034, casts a penetrating light on the state of the human condition, posing deep questions about contemporary values and offering a stark vision of the nature of our reality. To what dark gods has society sold its collective soul? Indeed, is there a God? What life, whether better or worse, awaits beyond the threshold of Life itself? Not least, it is the work of a brilliant imagination and a rare picture of a strange and unconventional mind. Christopher Nichols has produced something truly original, presented with dry wit, compelling dialogue and a readable, accessible style. The Complete Astral Traveller questions commonly held beliefs about Life and religion with a tongue-in-cheek cynicism that holds nothing sacred.

Fiona (Fourie) Snyckers (1988)

Fiona has written the first of her Trinity series about Trinity Luhabe who is all set to take Rhodes University by storm. Trinity is the daughter of a billionaire mining magnate who was one of the last activists to be imprisoned on Robben Island. She has matriculated from an exclusive private school and she’s got the looks, got the brains and she is a girl with a plan. Delightfully ditzy, Trinity parties her way through life until she discovers life bites back along with her arch-enemy Sophie Agincourt, also at Rhodes, and who definitely has something evil up her sleeve. Trinity Rising is definitely going to be of interest to all Alumni. Fiona lives in Johannesburg and is currently writing a sequel.

Source: http://www.jonathanball.co.za/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1841&theme=Printer

Muzi Kuzwayo (1989)

Muzi graduated from Rhodes University with a BSc degree in biochemistry and microbiology. After serious soul-searching, he realised that there was no joy to be found in sitting all day and watching germs that cause diarrhoea. He then got into advertising and research working on brands such as Volkswagen, Old Mutual, South African Breweries, Sanlam, Metropolitan Life, Pick n Pay Financial Services, and various Guinness UDV brands.In 2001 he was appointed managing director of TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg.

Having started his writing career in early life by writing his illiterate grandmother's letters as well as those of other illiterate people in his neighbourhood, Muzi went on to write the best-selling books Marketing through Mud and Dust and There is a Tstosi in the Boardroom.

Marketing through Mud and Dust provides an invaluable glimpse into the much-talked-about black market in South Africa by one of South Africa's most out-spoken and resourceful media men. He provides insightful commentary on how to go about reaching the black buyer. Kuzwayo elaborates on how to go about reaching the black buyer through effective marketing and sensitive advertising. It points out some of the pitfalls into which so-called white agencies fall.

website: http://www.designindaba.com/speaker/muzi-kuzwayo

Source: http://www.word-power.co.uk/books/marketing-through-mud-and-dust-I9780864864529/

Douglas Rogers (1989)

Douglas has written a book called The Last Resort which is a dark, comic, true-life thriller about Lyn and Ros Rogers, white Africans of many generations, struggling to hold on to their game farm and backpacker lodge in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe. Travel writer Douglas Rogers returns to the family farm from his home in Brooklyn, New York to discover that marijuana is growing instead of maize; prostitutes, diamond dealers, and refugee farmers prop up the lodge bar, and war veterans and youth militia loyal to Mugabe hover outside the gates.
In going back Rogers discovers the "big story" he had travelled the world in search of as a journalist and travel writer is taking place in his parents' backyard.The Last Resort is an inspiring coming-of-age tale about home, love,
hope, responsibility and redemption. An edgy roller-coaster adventure, it is also a deeply moving story about how to survive a corrupt Third World dictatorship with a little innovation, humour, bribery, and brothel management. Published in the US by Harmony/Random House on September 22, 2009.Published in South Africa by Jonathan Ball, October, 2009 Published in
the UK by Short Books in March, 2010. Website: www.douglasrogers.org

Mark Schafer (1989), Duncan Samson (2002) and Bruce Brown (1993)

Namibia Counts: Stories of Mathematics Education Research in Namibia

Namibia Counts: Stories of Mathematics Education Research in Namibia

Mathematics and mathematical ways of thinking are fascinating aspects of human consciousness.  Our desire to make sense of the world around us through number has led to mathematics becoming a critical component of economic, social and technological endeavour.  Within the context of an increasingly globalised and interconnected world, the importance of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education takes on particular significance.  These sentiments are echoed in Namibia’s national vision which sees as its ideal an intergrated, unified and flexible education system capable of delivering high quality education in order to prepare Namibian learners for an evolving global environment.  Within this educational vision, particular emphasis has been placed on Science and Mathematics.

The purpose of this collection of papers is to provide a smorgasbord of recent research conducted in Namibia in the field of Mathematics Education.  The intention is not to provide a comprehensive review of Mathematics Education research but rather to provide a series of detailed snapshots that represent the thoughts and contextualised research interests of recent Namibian Masters student.  The book also contains introductory chapters that characterise the broader Namibian terrain from socio-economic and educational perspectives.  Taken as a whole, this book thus provides a revealing glimpse into the varied issues that teachers and other education practitioners are grappling with on a daily basis.

The articles in this book reflect a commitment to professional growth at a local level as well as constructive engagement at a broader, national level.  As such the various chapters of this book provide a rich resource to teachers, teacher educators, policy makers, academics and researchers.  It is our hope that this book not only creates a platform to share and disseminate quality research but that it also provokes critical reflection and healthy debate, thereby contributing to the broader educational imperative of the Namibian national vision  

To order - Email: c.hutchinson@ru.ac.za


Dr Don Pinnock (1991)

In the mid 80’s Don Pinnock was on the staff of the department of journalism and started to write his book, Writing Left : The Radical Journalism of Ruth First. This book, as well as being about her journalism is also the nearest there is to a biography on the remarkable Ruth First. Don is currently the Editor of Getaway.

Source: New Agenda - 1st December 2008 – Page 87

Phakama Mbonambi (1993)

Mbonambi is a publishing editor of an acclaimed literary journal called Wordsetc. A quarterly, the title promotes the consumption of South African literature and fine writing from elsewhere on the continent, and seeks to be a platform for emerging writers. Phakama, who credits his father for his love of words, manages Flamenco Publishing, which is based in Johannesburg. The journal's site is www.wordsetc.co.za

Miriam (Denenga) Shumba (1994)

That Which has Horns is Miriam's second novel and is a wonderful romantic and thought provoking book! It centres on Priscilla, a young woman who tries to understand where she fits in the new Zimbabwe, where there are two types of women - those that submit to the rule of the men, and those who are trying to break free from limited options. Priscilla finds herself torn between a new day and the cultural bonds of the past.

SHOW ME THE SUN is a heart warming romance novel about how one women's low self-esteem almost got in the way of obtaining her goals. In this novel, Miriam Shumba explores family relationships and the meaning of true friendship. Her main female character also discovers how to forgive and overcome challenges in a relationship.

Miriam wrote about her writing and publishing journey - from Grahamstown to U.S.A. for our Rhodes Alumni Miriam Shumba

Miriam's books are for sale in Johannesburg stores at various Exclusive Books branches. A new bookstore called Skoob has opened at Montecasino in Johannesburg and they have stock. Further to this, the books are available from www.kalahari.net and www.exclusives.co.za


David Christie (1995)

Not Much Of a Souldier

Not Much Of A Souldier" (From Drumclog 1679, To Dunkeld 1689).  Betrayed by their political masters, deserted by their cavalry support, faced with an enemy fresh from their victory at Killiecrankie which outnumbered them five to one, only half equipped with firearms, and led by a man whose General assessed him as "not much of a soldier", what chance did the untried three-month-old Regiment have? This book tells the story of William Cleland, the first Cameronian commanding officer, and Alexander Shields, the first chaplain, who played a critical role in Scotland during the Revolution of 1689, and were instrumental in raising the Cameronian Regiment.  Viscount Dundee had raised the Highlands for the ousted King James, and the story reaches its climax with the battles of Killiecrankie and Dunkeld. Yet despite all the problems the unblooded Cameronian Regiment faced, they fought the battle of Dunkeld with such courage and determination that they won a significant victory, breaking the back of the first Jacobite rebellion, and providing stability for social and religious changes in Scotland which still endure.




Andrew Alexander (1996)

Fly Fishing For Sharks, written by Andrew, is a memoir about his experiences as an acute sufferer of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) which has led him on a path that he would never have chosen. The book is meant to help the thousands of people who suffer from this disease. The book explores the unique link between OCD and depression, society’s treatment of the mentally ill and deals with suicide, sexuality, and the effects of religion on his mental health. To buy the book, ask your local bookstore to order from Blue Weaver Distributors. They are a Cape Town based firm and the bookstores should easily be able to look them up in the PASA guide which is the industry directory. Some Exclusive Books branches in Cape Town will be carrying the book within the next few weeks. (Cavendish, Canal Walk and Constantia.)

Submitted May 2009


Jim Davis (1996)


Jim Davis is the best kind of aviation teacher.  He is an experienced and skilled, pilot, instructor, and aviation journalist.

What is in this book for you?  Three things:

Your Safety:  PPL is a practical, no-nonsense book for everyone who loves flying.  It gives you understanding so you can make smart decisions in the cockpit.  The plan is to help you become a good safe pilot regardless of your hours.

Your PPL exams:  PPL makes your swotting easy and exciting.  It covers all your exam subjects as well as the flying exercises.  There are 500 full colour pages with simple explanations, true life stories, every-day examples, test papers and 361 diagrams.

Your time:  Your weekends and evenings are free from lecture schedules.  Keep PPL with you and study whenever it suits you.

Website:  www.jimdavis.co.za


Samantha Reinders (1996) and Toast (Reino) Coetzer (1996)

Samantha and Toast met at Rhodes where they studied photo-journalism as ungergrads. They have recently launched the Key to Cape Town an insider’s guide to exploring the Mother City. It’s a book that will appeal to any red-blooded Capetonian who doesn’t want to miss out on what tourists see and do. The book will inform you about standard tourist attractions as well as off-beat destinations and activities. Key to Cape Town is dedicated to Monty Cooper (1969) who was their photo-journalist lecturer at Rhodes who passed away a few years ago from malaria. Toast is a senior staff writer with Weg and Go and Sam freelances for various clients, mostly overseas. They team up regularly to do assignments and will be heading back to Namibia at the end of this month for another assignment. While Toast mainly concentrates on writing the text Sam takes the pictures.

Source: Atlantic Sun, Thursday 16 April, p.14

Toast Coetzer (1996)

Toast has also written his own book called Naweek about Sex, drugs & rock ’n roll... Toast Coetzer’s prose debut draws the reader through the ecstasy but also the frightening ups and downs of the rock world. His novella deals specifically with the drug-induced retrogression of an Afrikaans rocker. It is retrogression in more ways than one, as the story is also told backwards.

It begins with the death notice of the hero, a certain Le Roux (Maanhaar) Basson, and step by the step the reader is taken back, and one is forced to walk backwards to the incident that heralded Maanhaar’s swan song. And walking backwards, the reader then realises, means looking in a different way, experiencing in a different way, and being at the mercy, as it were, of the distorted logic brought about by drugs and the adoration of thousands.

Hamish Pillay (1997)

Based in East London as a marketing consultant, specializing in events and talent management, Hamish also find time to write his first book, The Rainbow Has No Pink, winner of the 2008 Citizen Book Prize, voted for by the reading public. In writing The Rainbow has no Pink, he seeks to publicize some of the more bizarre aspects of the former apartheid regime and highlight how "the reality is that apartheid is not over".

Source: http://www.internationalpubmarket.com/clients/tds/books/AuthorDetail.aspx?id=14805

Martin Rudman (1996)

Fishing Stories For Africa: Stories from the first ten years of The Fishing & Hunting Journal

Fishing stories for Africa

Long ago when the waters of the world were still young and the fishes that lived in them held a new fascination for men, a hunter-gatherer told the first fishing story.

Although fishing for survival is dying out, the tradition of telling fishing stories lives on. In this collection of forty stories, previously published in the first ten volumes of The Fishing & Hunting Journal, twenty-nine authors share their fishing dreams, adventures and accounts of life on the water. Set mostly in Africa, they cover everything from wild times with tarpon in tropical seas to introspective tales of trout in mountain trickles. There is a mix of non-fiction and fiction, fly, lure, and bait fishing, some of it humorous, some of it serious. The book is superbly illustrated by internationally acclaimed fishing artist, Craig Bertram Smith.

The diversity of writing styles and fishing genres make the book a must-have for any fisherman. And, it really doesn't matter whether you have a passion for marlin, mudfish, or mullet, deep down fishing is one language and these are some of its stories.

Also available in eBook and Kindle format from www.amazon.com


Pieter-Dirk Uys (D.Litt. (Hon.),1997)

Pieter-Dirk Uys was born in Cape Town in 1945 and has been in the theatre since the mid-1960s. Closely associated with both the Space Theatre in Cape Town and Johannesburg's Market Theatre during the 1970s and 1980s, he has written and performed 20 plays and over 30 revues and one-man shows throughout South Africa and abroad.

His plays Paradise is Closing Down, Panorama, God's Forgotten, Faces in the Wall and Just Like Home have been performed internationally, and his one-man shows Adapt or Dye, One Man One Volt, You ANC Nothing Yet, Truth Omissions, Live from Boerassic Park, Dekaffirnated, and Foreign Aids have been presented in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Holland, the USA and Canada. His performance of Foreign Aids at La Mama received the Obie Award in New York in 2004

Pieter-Dirk Uys has been doing this sort of thing for so long that people now refer to it as a career. Officially unemployed since the early 1970s, he writes, directs, acts, produces and does everything else, including the making of dresses and the wearing of them! Having survived the mediocrity of apartheid kultuur, it is his therapy and his joy to expose the bones of that dinosaur for the entertainment of democratic audiences worldwide. He is delighted to still have a government that on a daily basis write his best material!

Most of Uys's satirical work was available in South Africa on video (and still is, on DVD) and so, in spite of government censorship during apartheid, he built up a very large multiracial audience. Members of the present democratic parliament remember seeing his videos while in exile and in prison!

A prolific writer in many genres, his novel, Trekking to Teema, was South Africa's first internet book in 2000, before being published in tree-format. He has also written Evita Bezuidenhout's biography, A Part Hate A Part Love, as well as a book based on his 12-part 1994 MNET television series, Funigalore, in which Evita Bezuidenhout, his most famous creation, interviewed the new democratic government's leaders, including Nelson Mandela. In 2003, Uys premiered a new play, Auditioning Angels, and published his first volume of memoirs, Elections and Erections. A second volume of memoirs, Between the Devil and the Deep, became a bestseller throughout South Africa in 2005.

Pieter-Dirk Uys was awarded South Africa's prestigious Truth and Reconciliation Award in 2001, as well as honorary degrees from Rhodes University (D.Litt.Hon. 1997), the University of Cape Town (D.Litt.Hon. 2003), the University of the Western Cape (D.Edu.Hon. 2003) and the University of the Witwatersrand (D.Litt.Hon. 2004). Pieter-Dirk Uys' celebrated alter-ego, Evita Bezuidenhout, proudly received the Living Legacy 2000 Award in San Diego, USA.

Since 2000 Pieter-Dirk Uys has been travelling around South Africa, visiting over 1.5 million school children, as well as prisons and reformatories, with a free AIDS-awareness entertainment called For Facts Sake!. He has also released a corporate AIDS-information video, Having Sex with Pieter-Dirk Uys, as well as the family-friendly video, Survival Aids, and Just a Small Prick!, a treatment of the fears surrounding testing for HIV.

Recent successes include Evita for President, which he has performed in London, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, and Elections & Erections, which he performed in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town in the run-up to the 2009 election, and toured to the USA in both 2008 and 2009. In September 2008, Evita Bezuidenhout launched her own political party, Evita’s People’s Party (EPP), to assist with voter education in preparation for the 2009 general election. Uys also directed his latest play, Macbeki, at the Market Theatre, Johannesburg, in April 2009. In 2010 Uys published a cookbook, Evita's Kossie Sikelela, and added Desperate First Ladies and F.A.K. Songs and Other Struggle Anthems to his repertoire

Pieter-Dirk Uys lives in Darling, where he has converted the old railway station into a cabaret venue called EVITA SE PERRON, famous for its satirical garden, called Boerassic Park, and the domain of Evita Bezuidenhout, the 'most famous white woman in South Africa'. The unique museum/nauseum of apartheid artefacts there, reflecting the madness of the past, is arguably the only satirical exhibition of South Africa’s recent past.



Eric Boakye (1998) and Augustina (Asafo-Adjei) Boakye (1998)

Proven Methods of Making Money & Building Wealth

Written for both novices and the financially astute, the powerful strategies and sought-after insight offered by Eric and Augustina, could help you substantially change your financial destiny to ensure true and lasting financial success, supporting their long-term vision of helping to create a new generation of financially successful South Africans. With 10 years experience in the financial industry, Eric’s skills range from auditing different businesses and providing research work for businesses, to setting up and managing Risk Management functions. In addition to this, Eric has a keen interest in the different sectors of the capital market in South Africa.
Augustina has about 9 years’ experience in the financial industry. Her skills range from analysing businesses and providing research work on issues in the financial industry, to providing financial education to others. In addition to this, Augustina has been involved in trading stocks and other market instruments for a number of years.

Andrew de Klerk (1998)

The International Rugby Encyclopedia 2009 has been almost 18 years in the making. It is the complete international rugby encyclopedia that has researched and presents every single recognized international ever played by the traditional top eight nations (since 1871 when Scotland took on England) that is well illustrated and structured, featuring stories on the great players to have graced the game, the great matches to have captivated the crowds and the great stadiums to have hosted these internationals. The chief feature of the book is its comprehensive content that covers each of the top eight nations.

Andrew grew up in Grahamstown where Saturday morning rugby matches between the various schools of the region were strongly attended and vociferously supported by the locals. He has a BSc (Hons) in Geology. His job as an environmental geologist takes him all over the world, which suits him perfectly as it affords him some unique opportunities between flights to check out international rugby matches, stadiums, museums, players and administrators, in his never-ending quest for the tiniest detail on a perhaps long-forgotten test match. Andrew is an avid bird-watcher and loves the bush (he once spent a year as a game ranger at Mala Mala near the Kruger National Park). He is a member of the Geological Society of South Africa, is married and lives in Johannesburg.


Sihlangule Siwisa (1998)

This is the true story of Sihlangule Siwisa, a South African man who decided to quit his job and the height of the global recession to follow his dream of starting his own publishing company. However, it was through the failure of that company that taught him the importance of not giving up on his dreams—and now he is offering his advice to you. In the inspiring The Courage to Begin Again, you will follow Sihlangule's journey as he explains how he overcame financial ruin and despondency and has experienced overwhelming triumphs in his life to this day.

In this encouraging and thought-provoking memoir, you will learn the value of patience, perseverance, and tenacity while in the pursuit of your goals and ambitions. Delve into the poignant The Courage to Begin Again, face your failures and disappointments head-on, and find the courage to pick yourself back up and overcome your life's letdowns. After all, just because your dreams have been delayed doesn't mean they've been denied.

Full Cover The Courage to Begin Again


Tim Goodenough (1999)

In The Zone written by Tim Goodenough and Michael Cooper is a combination of; 15 “behind the scenes-how did they do that?” type interviews with top South African men and women, and the technical detail that explains their high performance stories. Gary Player, Natalie Du Toit, Jonty Rhodes, Lucas Radebe, Naas Botha and Sherylle Calder are interviewed amongst others. The authors set out to define “mental toughness” – what is it and how can I get some of that? From their in-depth interviews they discovered that not only did all the great sportspeople interviewed have common mental skills, beliefs and strategies; they had 13 unique skills that occurred time and time again. This book is part biography, part textbook and part self development guide that sheds light on the “black box” of mental toughness in a powerful way whilst going a long way to answer the question, “What made our sporting heroes great?” 

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