Old Rhodian Authors 2000 Onwards

Please note that the year date depicts the first year the Author was at Rhodes and not the year the book was published.

Nathi Mhlaba (2000)

 Fearlessly Single

 Called into women's ministry and single, Nathi shares her experience with others and has been discipling women since university. 

"In a world where being a couple is being promoted, where being in a relationship is the “in” thing, single women often feel left out and have the pressure to find someone. As women, we end up meeting the wrong people and settling for second best, as we feel that God has forgotten us.
Learn how to:
• be content in your singleness and fall more in love with God
• be joyful in the NOW
• prepare for the season that you are in (by reading, listening to preaching on being single or marriage)
Being single is not a curse but a gift, and we should look at it that way."

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Tree Atlas of Namibia

Coleen Mannheimer (2002)

This Atlas presents the distribution and estimated abundance of over 400 species of woody plants in Namibia. It is the culmination of six years of data collection by volunteers with a keen interest in trees and is one of two products of the Namibian Tree Atlas Project. Over 300 distribution maps show where the major species are found, while graphs depict their height and habitat, and when each species has leaves, flowers or fruit.

Although not intended as a field guide, this book gives a brief description of each species, highlighting the most distinguishing features, and illustrates most species with a line drawing of the leaves and flowers or fruit. Notes are included on general biology, uses and conservation concerns. The introduction summarises the Tree Atlas Project and highlights aspects of the ecology of woody species in Namibia. Naturalised alien species are also included.   



Tree Atlas of Namibia


Wildflowers of the Central Highlands of Namibia

Coleen Mannheimer (2002)

This full colour photographic guide, written by a Namibian botanist, covers the central highlands of Namibia. The area concerned is scenically, geologically and topographically very diverse, providing many habitats and niches for plants and animals. It harbours a high plant diversity, including many endemic species.

Over 450 species are covered in this book. The emphasis is on wildflowers, but a few of the most common ferns, grasses and shrubs have also been described. Wherever possible, photographs of the whole plant as well as close-ups of the flower and fruit have been included. A simple description of each plant and a brief overview of distribution, habitat and uses are provided, as well as some common names. Hints of how to tell confusing species apart are also offered.



 Wildflowers of the Central Highlands of Namibia


Wildflowers of the Southern Namib

Coleen Mannheimer (2002)

This full-colour guide, written by four Namibian botanists, covers the south western corner of Namibia, mainly the southern Namib Desert (Spergebeit), although a number of common plant species that occur as far as the Fish River have also been included.  The area concerned is largely a relatively pristine wilderness that is geologically and topographically very diverse, providing many habitats and niches where unique organisms have evolved mechanisms that enable them to survive in this inhospitable part of the sub region.  It harbours a unique plant species composition that includes approximately 25% of the Namibian flora as a whole (over 1000 species), and encompasses numerous endemic and near-endemic species.

Over three hundred and fifty species are covered by this guide. The emphasis is on wildflowers, but a few of the most common ferns, grasses, shrubs and trees have also been described. Wherever possible, photographs of the whole plant as well as close-ups of the flower have been included. A simple description of each plant and a brief overview of distribution, habitat and uses are provided, as well as common names used in the area.

To those who are interested in plants, the southern Namib flora will provide an ongoing source of both fascination and challenge. Different species are seen from year to year, depending on rainfall patterns, and in order to see a wide variety of the plants and the mass displays in good years, enthusiasts will visit again and again.


Wildflowers of the Southern Namib


Trees and Shrubs of Namibia

Coleen Mannheimer (2002)

This long awaited, full-colour photographic guide to trees and shrubs of Namibia includes descriptions of and keys to over 400 species. Many of the species, particularly the shrubs, are not covered by other tree guides for the region.

As far as possible photographs of every aspect of each plant-habit, leaf, flower and fruit- have been included to facilitate species identification. Keys to families, genera and species are provided, as well as hints on field identification, habitats and uses. This is an indispensable handbook for plant enthusiasts in Namibia.


Trees and Shrubs of Namibia

Sylvia Ntombfuthi Ntshingila (2002)

Post-graduate in media and journalism, Futhi has not only had her first book Shameless published, she also has a job in the President’s speech-writing unit. Futhi has started to write her second novel and her personal motto is, “live the life you want to and enjoy it. But always remember to keep it simple”

Shameless is about Thandiwe who shamelessly sells her body on the streets of Yeoville and views her job as no different from those of young black graduates who take up affirmative action posts as perpetual juniors under soul-destroying mentors.

Source: My Week (Maritzburg) 01 Dec 2008, Page:27


Brett Scott (2002)

The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money

“A unique inside –out look at our financial system. It is not only a user friendly guide to the complex maze of modern finance but also a manual for utilising and subverting it for social purposes in innovative ways. Smart and street-smart”- Ha-Joon Chang, University of Cambridge, author of 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism.

the heretics

Popular anger against the financial system has never been higher, yet the practical workings of the system remain opaque to many people. The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance aims to bridge the gap between protest slogans and practical proposals for reform. Brett Scott is a campaigner and former derivatives broker who has a unique understanding of life inside and outside the financial sector. He builds up a framework for approaching it based on the three principles of 'Exploring', 'Jamming' and 'Building', offering a practical guide for those who wish to deepen their understanding of, and access to, the inner workings of financial institutions. Scott covers aspects frequently overlooked, such as the cultural dimensions of the financial system, and considers major issues such as agricultural speculation, carbon markets and tar-sands financing. Crucially, it also showcases the growing alternative finance movement, showing how everyday people can get involved in building a new, democratic, financial system.

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Godwell Nhamo (2003)

Climate Change Education in the SADC School Curriculum

Climate Change Education in the SADC School Curriculum

This book audits the Southern African Development Community (SADC) school curriculum to determine the extent to which climate change is addressed. Climate change is now an undisputable global concern threatening human livelihoods and as such it must find space, not only in the SADC school curriculum, but every curriculum. With the coming to an end of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005–2014), this book provides future fascinating insights on how climate change may be addressed through education in the SADC school curriculum.


Written by 34 authors drawn mainly from the ministries of education and environment to bring the practical and on the ground aspects, and a few academics, the book comes as the third in a series that is addressing global and national concerns on climate change and the green economy agenda. The book series is being coordinated by the Exxaro Chair in Business and Climate Change at the University of South Africa (Unisa). The first book entitled Green Economy and Climate Mitigation: Topics of Relevance to Africa was produced as part of the 17th Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations framework Convention on Climate Change (COP17) collaborative work carried out by the Institute of Global Dialogue (IGD), the Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA) and Unisa’s Institute for Corporate Citizenship in which the Exxaro Chair is hosted. The second book entitled Breakthrough: Corporate South Africa in a Green Economy was published in 2014 through another collaboration initiative between AISA and Unisa’s Institute for Corporate Citizenship.


This book, Climate Change Education in the SADC School Curriculum comes out of a partnership with the SADC Regional Environmental Education Programme (SADC REEP), Exxaro Chair in Business and Climate Change, the Department of Science and Technology Education in the College of Education at Unisa and AISA in the HSRC.

Source: http://www.ai.org.za/products-page/product-category/climate-change-education-in-the-sadc-school-curriculum

Godwell Nhamo (2003)

Land Grabs in a Green African Economy

Land Grabs in a Green African Economy


This book focuses on profiling, from both literature-based and primary research points of orientation, instances of land grabs and/or acquisitions with a focus on the implications of land grabs for trade, investment and development policy in Africa under the global green economy transition agenda. In many instances, case studies and examples paint a picture that could be of use to policy-makers. Overall, the book advocates a ‘satisfy-satisfy’ orientation when land deals are made, as well as total transparency from key actors, building grassroots negotiation capacity and awareness. To illustrate some of the emerging issues in terms of land-grabs, acquisition and their implications for trade, investment and development policies, the sixth Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa (trapca) conference took place in Arusha, Tanzania on 24 and 25 November 2011.

The conference had two objectives: (1) to come up with concrete policy interventions and recommendations that would harness foreign investment in land on the continent; and (2) to publish this edited book of selected papers presented at the conference that met the rigorous specifications laid down by the editors and publishers. One of the major revelations to emerge from the Conference was that ‘there is no vacant land in Africa’. In addition, participants took the view that land deals in Africa needed to be done on a ‘satisfy-satisfy-satisfy’ rather than a ‘win-win-win’ basis. This book is jointly published by trapca and the Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA).

Available: http://www.ai.org.za/products-page/product-category/land-grabs-in-a-green-african-economy-implications-for-trade-investment-and-development-policies


Godwell Nhamo (2003)

Breakthrough: Corporate South Africa in a Green Economy

Breakthrough: Corporate South Africa in a Green Economy


This book addresses hot issues pertaining to the manner in which corporate South Africa has engaged the emerging green global economy. Firstly, the book profiles the green and low carbon economy landscape in South Africa and interfaces it with global trends. This way, the book aligns very well in terms of the Rio+20 outcomes on The Future We Want that fully embraces the green global economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication. The rest of the chapters in the book profile breakthroughs from selected companies.

The book also comes as the second in a series that is addressing global and national concerns on the green global economy agenda. The first book entitled Green Economy and Climate Mitigation: Topics of Relevance to Africa was produced as part of the 17th Session of the Conference of Parties’ collaborative work carried out by the Institute of Global Dialogue, the Africa Institute of South Africa and Unisa’s Institute for Corporate Citizenship.

The book Breakthrough: Corporate South Africa in a Green Economy comes in seven parts. Part I focuses on the Green Economy Landscape. This part considers both the international and national perspectives. Parts II-VI present different sector initiatives namely: Mining and

Energy (Part II), Banking and Insurance (Part III), Forest and Paper (Part IV), Industrial (Part V) and Retailing and Aviation (Part VI). The last part is made up of a single chapter dealing with Emerging Issues and Way Forward.



Sarah Wild (2003)


Searching African Skies is the story of South African radio astronomy:  from the first telescope built in the country by NASA in the 1960s, to Africa challenging one of radio astronomy’s world leaders, Australia.  Interspersed with lXam Bushmen stories rewritten from original manuscripts and Xhosa starlore, Sarah Wild takes you on a journey, in her inimitable style, from the bare sandy Karoo into the hearts of distant galaxies.  Award winning science columnist Sarah Wild is currently the Science and Technology Editor at Business Day.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Physics, Electronics and English Literature, specialising in radio astronomy.  This is her first full-length African science book.

Taryn Herbst (2005)

Study & Master Study Guide English Grade 7-9

Taryn Herbst

Are you struggling with English as a First Additional Language? Then Study & Master English is for you.
This study guide has been specially designed to help you master the language component of the national curriculum.
Featuring:  Detailed explanations of tricky language usage, example formats for paragraph writing, explanations of figurative language and critical
language awareness, lots of exercises, so you can practise before the exams, a test for each grade with mark allocations, all the answers to the exercises and tests, so you can check your own work. The Study & Master English Study Guide is an invaluable tool to help you pass your English exam with flying colours!

Source: http://cup.co.za/products/study-master-study-guide-english-grade-7-9-caps

Boitumelo Ruth Sebopela (2005)

When the Sun Rises is an anthology of the author's thoughts and feelings concerning aspects of everday life. The author invites the reader into the sacred orifice of her heart and for the reader to join her in this journey. It is the author's wish that the reader will find something that speaks to them and even moves them. Another wish is for the reader to find hope in some of these works, hope that gets anew each day as the sun rises.

Published by New Voices Publishing, please e-mail alumni@ru.ac.za for details to buy the book.


Jen Thorpe (2003)

In My First Time, Southern African women have shared their stories about their significant first time experiences of sex and sexuality. This is a collection of honest, powerful, and brave accounts. Some joyful, others funny and some heartbreaking, but all of them important for women, and hopefully men, to read. The collection includes stories such as: My first orgasm, My first abortion, My first miscarriage, My first kiss with a woman, My first memory of being aroused, The first time I had to deal with rape and my first post-divorce sex.

It also features stories from public figures such as Dorothy Black, Sarah Britten, Karabo Kgoleng, Robyn Kriel, and Lindy Mtongana.  Visit my firstimesa.com for reviews and to order.

My first time


Dr Pravine Naidoo (2006) 


Dr Pravine

The delivery of effective and efficient municipal servies to communities should be an imperative and standard norm for sound and accountable municipal governance.  Tried and tested and internationally recognised management methods and techniques aimed at enhancing municipal service delivery should  be welcomed, supported and nurtured.  This is according to Dr Pravine Naidoo, Rhodes Alumnus and currently based in Paarl, Western Cape at the Drakenstein Municipality.

At the recent launch and announcement of the book at the Council Meeting of Drakenstein Municipality in Paarl, Western Cape, the Executive Mayor, Advocate Gesie van Deventer stated that:

“Dr Pravine Naidoo’s historic attempt to critically discuss and analyse the principles of continuous improvement methodologies and frameworks in municipal service delivery is a first in South Africa and he must be commended and congratulated for this outstanding and remarkable achievement.  This book is therefore the first of its kind in South Africa and quite conceivably internationally as well”.

The book titled “Quality Service Delivery – A Conceptual & Reference Guide for South African Municipalities” is a pioneering and ground-breaking book, on the application of total quality management (TQM) principles in local government management by Dr Pravine Naidoo, and it makes an immense contribution to the current discourse in South Africa and internationally on accountable service delivery.  This book deals extensively on how local government managers can translate the political objectives of political parties into tangible, realistic and, most importantly, implementable and measurable policies, procedures, programmes and projects within municipal administrations, stated Adv van Deventer, the Executive Mayor.

This book will be useful for all local government managers, students, researchers as well as academics and a valuable reference guide in the discipline of municipal management.  The book will be forwarded to all 23 university libraries in South Africa as well as university libraries in the USA, UK, Canada, and Commonwealth countries.


Issued by Ms May Carolissen, Chief Media & Communication Officer,  Media & Communications Unit of the Drakenstein Municipality, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

Tel: (021) 8076390 E-Mail: May.Carolissen@drakenstein.gov.za



Lucy Stuart-Clark (2006)

Table Mountain’s Holiday

Tired of being covered by a cold, cloudy blanket, Table Mountain, an almost fossilised dinosaur, stretches his reptilian legs, waves goodbye to Lion’s Head ... and goes on holiday.

Table Mountain’s Holiday is Lucy's first children’s book. Artwork from the book was selected for the 2013 Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrator’s Exhibition and is currently touring Japan. Lucy was the only artist selected from Africa for this prestigious exhibition.

table mountains holiday 2

Book available at Print Matters

Christopher Maxwell (2009)

A Passion Runs Through it: A St Andrew’s College Rugby Story is a story for any boy who dreams of pulling that 1st team rugby jersey over his head. It is for the boys of St Andrew’s, past and present, who played rugby with pride and passion.
A Passion Runs Through it documents the origin of rugby at St Andrew’s which played a big part in the origin of the sport in the Eastern Cape and South Africa.
Weaving through the years, it explores the developments made during its history whilst giving full praise to the times when ‘College Rugby’ was on a high.
Despite the many factual pointers, a large portion of the text is told through the voices of Old Andreans. Their words and stories of their time playing bring to life the story of rugby and are celebrated throughout the book.
The story not only looks at the rugby played as a whole but goes deep into some of the great players, teams, coaches and matches that have graced the school’s fields. One of the more recent matches documented is the St Andrew’s verses Grey High P.E. match played in 2005. It was a spectacular display of schoolboy rugby seen by those present on Lower field.
The schools standard of rugby is so often judged from the 1st team with no or little insight into the other teams. A Passion Runs Through it also ventures into the other teams who played well and showed the crowds that they were worth recognition. In the closing chapters the focus is turned to the boys of St Andrew’s and zones in on those ‘war-cries’ heard from across Grahamstown.
There are 53 photographs of coaches, players, teams and of some of the key features in the St Andrew’s rugby setup. However for those who are not avid St Andrew’s followers, there is the early beginnings of the sport in South Africa as well as information on schools with a playing history against St Andrew’s. This is for anyone who wants to know the St Andrew’s rugby story.

To order the book please e-mail chris.reviresco@gmail.com

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