Give5 2012

Give 5 is a fundraising campaign run by students to raise money for fellow students.

It was originally launched in 2004 and ran annually until 2009 when it was discontinued due to a lack of ownership.  2012 saw the re-launch of the campaign – it will be run annually by the SRC with the Rhodes Alumni Office, thereby ensuring that the campaign will have continuity.  The campaign is aimed to provoke a spirit of philanthropy in students and provides them with an opportunity to help “one of their own.”  The success of the Campaign relies on the Community Engagement Representative and the Senior Student from each Res to galvanise the students into planning and participating in the fundraising activities.

Students are invited to contribute R5 during the campaign and healthy competition is encouraged between the Halls and Residences with a prize for the one that collects the most money.    The Campaign will run one week a year, with a 5m Fire Walk either starting the campaign or ending the campaign.  The Fire Walk symbolises that life can be uncomfortable, however with the right attitude and support, one can overcome all obstacles and view them as a challenge rather than a problem.


Money will be raised under the umbrella of the Rhodes Annual Fund and the project chosen will be one that helps current students financially.  This means that the students are raising money for one of their own, creating a wonderful opportunity to make it more personal for the donors within our close knit community and enabling them to see the benefits of their fundraising.  Any student needing aid via the Pocket Money Fund can apply at the Student Financial Aid Office. The Director of Student Affairs works closely with the Financial Aid Office in dispensing the available money to the recipients.

The amount of money raised during this one week campaign is crucial to the Pocket Money Fund.


Continuity of the Campaign:

Give5 is part of the Rhodes Alumni Development student engagement strategy, which seeks to introduce students to the culture of giving whilst on campus.

The SRC (Student Representative Council) has accepted ownership of the project and will ensure that the portfolio is included in their Community Engagement portfolio annually.

2012 saw two one week campaigns: R44 000 was raised by the end of the year.

Winning Residences:

Helen Joseph

Joe Slovo

Winning Halls:


Courtenay Latimer


Committee Members:

The members forming the committee annually will consist of:

Chairperson (SRC)

Vice Chair




Hall Administrator Representative