Patricia Broderick

"I feel that Rhodes Alumni need to consider the present situation concerning the arguments around a possible name change for Rhodes University. My own opinion is that history cannot be eradicated and that in order to move forward, this history needs to be recognised and understood. The debate around this issue has revealed problems that should now be addressed and that could be the most positive response for evolving a new culture. We cannot deny the huge contribution made by the Rhodes Trust, (formed from the bequest of Cecil Rhodes) which ensured that the university could be created and Rhodes' vision for education was realised. The world famous, prestigious Rhodes Scholarship continues to support the vision. Both sides of the ‘coin’ need to be considered and positive steps created to satisfy the real hunger for the good education that our beloved university can supply.”

In addition to the above, I should like to say that I fear that a name change could downgrade the prestigue of the university as it will become unknown internationally and make it so much more difficult for graduates to succeed if they leave the country.

 I do like the suggestion that there could be a visual record of the evolving history of the University, if space can be found.  Would this possibly be an arm of the History Department?