Ewald Erich Meggersee

I would like to let you know that my husband, Dr Ewald Meggersee, died on 7th December 2013. We met at Rhodes  - he graduated with a B.Sc in 1967.  I graduated with a BA degree in 1966 and completed the UED in 1967.  

In Cape Town he worked as an industrial chemist and I as a French teacher.  In 1977 we went to the USA to study chiropractic and graduated in 1980. While practising in Cape Town we combined  as a team to research how tension becomes stored in the structures of the body.  Our findings led to the development of a new health care modality which we named Body Stress Release.  We left the chiropractic profession and opened the BSR Academy, and moved to the Wilderness area in 1997. 

Ewald retired in 2011 and I have continued conducting the BSR practitioner training course with a colleague.  We receive applications from many foreign countries and there are now practitioners in 17 countries.  At the end of this year I will be opening the European branch of the Academy in England.

It is a joy to know that all the inspiration and loving care Ewald put into his life's work will live on through the practitioners and all the people whose health and well-being they help to upgrade.



Dr. Gail Meggersee.




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