Gillian Gane

Professor Gillian Gane, who graduated with a Bachelors degree with honours from the Department of English at Rhodes in 1964, died today in the United States, from cancer.


A member of the Liberal Party of South Africa, she was banned by the South African government in 1967. She was a member of the non-Communist sabotage group, the African Resistance Movement/National Committee for Liberation.


While teaching at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, she was a member of the editorial advisory board of the journal, Inkanyiso, and of African Journals Online.


Her doctoral dissertation from the University of Massachusetts, "Breaking English: Postcolonial polyglossia in Nigerian representations of Pidgin and in the fiction of Salman Rushdie", is available online:


Her academic career can be seen here:


Faculty of English and Creative Writing, Hamilton College:


Gillian Gane (Ph.D., University of Massachusetts-Amherst) teaches courses in postcolonial literature and in the history of the English language.


Professor Gane studies the emerging literatures of the English-speaking postcolonial world, notably India, Africa, and the Caribbean. She has a special interest in the language of the literatures (the subject of her doctoral dissertation, "Breaking English"), as well as broader interests in representations of anomalous language in literature generally, in processes of language change, and in the relationships between dialogue and narration, speech and text, orality and literacy. She has published an article on modes of literacy in Dickens's Dombey and Son. She is particularly concerned with processes of globalization, with the transnational circulation of people and cultures, and with the developing role of English as a global language. Originally from South Africa, Professor Gane taught for many years at UMass-Boston, where she also served as assistant editor of the journal College English.


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Gillian's family can be contacted through her son, Casey Gane, at:



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