Richard Mogg - December 9th to May 9th 2017

Old Rhodians will remember with affection the sunny positive figure of Richard Mogg, who died in East London in the Parklands cottage he shared with his wife Kathy, on 9th May 2017. Richard had fought a heroic battle with cancer for the last ten years, during which he never let up with efforts to improve the lives of elderly people.

At Rhodes he was a pharmacy student in the early fifties and enjoyed his sport, particularly rugby and squash.  Later he graduated in Pharmacy in Durban, then secured a post with a pharmacy in Guildford England.  Whilst in England he played cricket for an ex-pat South African team, rugby for the London Springboks and Squash for Surrey.

But it was not until he had returned to South Africa and established Mogg and Co, a pharmacy in the Quigney, East London that Richard embarked on the major contribution to society of his life, which was to create better living conditions for elderly people.

In pursuit of this calling he founded Berea Gardens in East London in the 1970’s, eventually becoming the Chairman of the Berea Gardens Retirement Foundation and pointing the way to a number of other retirement institutions around South Africa, such as Deansgate in Craighall Park, Johannesburg.

He is survived by his wife Kathy, children Julia, Karin and Louis and seven grandchildren.



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