Kirsten Hall (2009)on the subject of Women in Business

Kirsten Hall is a regulatory project manager within Global Markets at State Street, and is responsible for driving and implementing regulatory change projects. With an interest in the exercise of both social and economic power, Hall is fascinated by the many ways in which language can shape meaning, drive action and construct identities.

Watch Kirsten at TED@StateBoston, which was a TED-curated event celebrating Speakers from across the State Street community.  Produced in partnership with State Street, the event showcased the poser of collaboration in the never-ending challenge to build a better world.  Kirsten Hall has a provocative question:  is it time to stop celebrating women in business, just for being women in business? Maybe, she suggests, we can wind down the idea of corporate women’s groups - and position women in business as the new normal.

Source:  TED

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