Welcome to Lilian Ngoyi Hall

A very warm welcome to Lilian Ngoyi Hall. To those of you who are returning, welcome back. A special word of welcome to our new students. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you integrate into the life of Rhodes University and Lilian Ngoyi Hall.


Lilian Ngoyi Hall is a relatively new Hall on campus and was constituted in 2009. As a result of the construction and subsequent occupation of Joe Slovo House the residences comprising Nelson Mandela Hall were separated into two Halls, namely Nelson Mandela and Lilian Ngoyi Halls. Being a new Hall, we are making use of the unique opportunity to develop our own ethos, atmosphere and traditions.


This Hall will operate on two fundamental rules:

• respect yourself;

• and respect others.

Our Hall is named after Lilian Ngoyi, a person of incredible courage and integrity and we can all learn a great deal from her example, working hard to make the most of the academic opportunities Rhodes offers while always remembering to extend ourselves in service to others.

I urge you to make the most of your education (it is a scarce resource), get involved in the activities offered by Rhodes, play sport, join societies, offer your services in community engagement and play your part in making your time here memorable.

Yours sincerely
Jeremy Baxter
HALL WARDEN (2010 - 2014)


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