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Community Engagement

Centenary House has a strong commitment to community engagement activities. The residents of Centenary House have been involved in Beach Clean-up day, a car wash to raise money, collection of blankets and food for numerous projects.

Siyazama Pre-School

Centenary House has "adopted" Siyazama pre-School in Extention 6, Rini East. This project is run in conjunction with the School Governing Body, the Grahamstown Rotarians and Ms Este Coetzee (RU ADC). Financial support has been given to this project by the National Development Agency.

The gentlemen of Centenary House have completed various "gardening" tasks, for example planting and maintaining a vegetable garden, cleaning up and removing builders rubble, weeding and mowing the lawn (with a hand pushed lawn mower - the donation of a petrol lawn mower would be greatly appreciated!)

The gentlemen of Centenary House have also completed various "handy-man" tasks, for example painting the outside/external classes (old shipping containers), the tires in the play area and the tire "castle", the gutters and various murals around the school.

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