Coat of Arms

The following Coat of Arms has been approved by the Mandela Hall Committee, the University Heraldry Committee as well as Senate.

Gold- generosity and elevation of the mind
White- Peace and sincerity
Blue- Truth and loyalty
Red- warrior martyr, military strength and fairness

Eagle- Person of noble nature, strength, bravery and alertness. High-spirited and ingenious, quick witted and judicious. "True graciousness and strength of mind". The eagle was chosen because of its flair and stealth in which it hunts. We at Centenary House wish to accomplish all that we have set our selves out to do, and not only to fulfill the task but to excel at it.

Wings: Protection. We pride ourselves on loyalty within the house. We look at each other as brothers. The person next to you is the person that will go the extra mile with you.

Helmet: Denotes wisdom and security in defense, strength, protection and invulnerability. When a challenge is set, no one will stand between a Centurion and the finish line.

Lion: Dauntless courage. We will always stand up for what we believe is right.

Quills: Academic literature and sophistication. We have chosen this to correspond with Ruth First as our sister residense, to form a sense of family and loyalty to our own. We as Centenary House want to strive in both the classroom and on the field. Wreath- triumph!

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