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Hall Fellows

Welcome, wamkelekile, welkom to Lilian Ngoyi Hall! Whether you are a first year LN resident or a returning LN member I hope the year ahead continues to provide you with the opportunity to grow and flourish personally, academically, socially and politically. The Hall is unique in its ethos and guiding principles and continues to create a new and exciting space on campus informed by strength (not power), love and courage. In all your endeavours these three things will stand you in good stead. The opportunity for growth and transformation offered by education is a remarkable one that should be wholly embraced with respect and integrity. For so long the doors of learning remained closed to so many for such arbitrary reasons, and while there is still a long way to go to fully open those doors, by completing your degrees and contributing to all your communities, you provide shoulders for others to stand on, even as you stand on the shoulders of those who went before you. Have a fruitful, growth-filled year!

The current Hall Fellows for Lilian Ngoyi Hall are:

Mrs Joyce Sewry

Chemistry Dept

Tel: +27-046 603 8259
EMail: J.Sewry@ru.ac.za


Mr John McNeill

Information Systems Dept

Tel: +27-046 603 8244

Email:  J.Mcneill@ru.ac.za


Mr Yusuf Motara

Computer Science Dept

Tel:  +27-046 603 8628

Email:  Y.Motara@ru.ac.za





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