Alumni Feedback

This is a page that will both inspire current students and allow past students to share their experiences, achievements and memories with the rest of the students within their residence: past and present.

We would therefore appreciate any information and photos that you could send us to post on the webpage. Please e-mail our Hall Administrator, Genean Catto at if you could contribute to this prestigious page in any way.

"Victoria Mxenge was definitely as "home away from home". The three years in res has helped me develop from a nervous 1st year, to someone who has grown tremendously, in every way! I quickly realised to immerse oneself fully into 'residence life', one needs to involve oneself in all res activities, whether it be inter res sport, community engagement events, and even applying for the house committee! I miss res life a lot, however, the friendship I developed with the girls in the res, will continue!" - Shaneel Habbet (Senior Student 2010)

"Victoria Mxenge was home for all four years of my Rhodes University career. Some may say that is too long to be part of a residence system, but to me, it was home away from home. To me, there was so much camaraderie that could not be easily found elsewhere. It possessed a great balance where I could get on with my academics and excel, develop deep & lasting friendships, get involved in the university & local community whilst having a very active social life. I became very attached to the residence and over the years have watched it grow more and more into what I am sure Ms Mxenge would have been proud of. Meeting the Mxenge family last year for our hall opening was one of my most memorable moments in the residence. Seeing the pride and joy on their faces as we welcomed them into our residence and spoke to them was incredible. My experience at Rhodes was definitely enriched by and would not have been the same without 'The Vic'." - Rumbidzayi Dube January 13 at 7:25pm (Sub Warden 2010)

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