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Alumni Feedback

This is a page that will both inspire current students and allow past students to share their experiences, achievements and memories with the rest of the students within their residence: past and present.
We would therefore appreciate any information and photos that you could send us to post on the webpage. Please e-mail our Hall Administrator, Genean Catto at g.catto@ru.ac.za if you could contribute to this prestigious page in any way.
The recipient of a National Research Foundation (NRF) Prestigious Equity scholarship Tebello is currently in her final year of a Master of Arts degree at Rhodes University, conducting research on the intellectual legacy of Ruth First.
"Phenomenal Woman, That's Me"
One of my most treasured possessions is my first ever house comm. t-shirt with a quote by Maya Angelou, "Phenomenal Woman, That's Me" inscribed on the back. The worn out t-shirt is precious not only because it represents my first year in a leadership position in the residence but most importantly because to me it represents the person I have become because of the four years (2006-2009) I spent in Ruth First House.
During these four years, I literally discovered/found myself, prospered both academically and personally. In my warden, Larissa, and the other phenomenal women in the res I found an unwavering support system that had my back no matter what. Participating in the various res events & going along to cheer those who could play sport (because I couldn't), I had some of the best times of my life and met some of my best friends, women who continue to inspire me today.
Through playing an active part in community engagement I discovered for the first time how making a difference in someone's life, no matter how small, could enrich my own. I am currently in my final year of a masters degree with the intention of registering for a PhD. All this has been the result of not only hard work on my part but also because for four years I lived in a res where the coolest thing you could do was not to get drunk & forget the things you did the night before, but be smart /excel academically. In short I became someone I could be proud of.
Tebello Letsekha Treasurer: 2007, Sub-Warden:2008/2009
As the first sub-warden of the house I had the honour of helping to define the spirit of Ruth First. Our aim from the start was to ensure our house was full of well-informed and empowered womyn and through the hard work and perseverance of the first team of house leaders, and each one that came thereafter, success has been achieved. You can’t not be touched – if even only by a pamphlet stuck to the back of a bathroom door! It is possible to be touched so lightly though and the friendships I made in Ruth First still add value to my life and as we get older and attend each other’s wedding or watch the birth of companies, relationships and babies I know they will be one’s I can count on for the rest of my life – clichéd but true!
I did a BA Hons at Rhodes and my majors were Industrial Sociology, Political Science and Human Resource Management, although I still believe that the primary skill Rhodes left me with is that of critical thinking. It is this skill and of course the academic background that has allowed me to follow my passions and work in Africa managing and evaluating corporate social investment programmes and NGO activities.
Tracy Hammond

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