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Mailing and Courier Address

The Hall's address is:

Lilian Ngoyi Hall
Students Full Name
(Name of Residence)-Centenary, Ruth First, Victoria Mxenge or Joe Slovo Residence
Private Bag X1040

Please ensure the name of the Residence is clearly stated on all correspondence sent to ensure it reaches the correct person.

In order to send a package via courier kindly use the following address:

Student Name

Student Residence

Nelson Mandela Dining Hall
c/o Hall Administrator
Prince Alfred Street
Tel: 046 603 8692

Please ensure you state the name of the residence as well as the students name on the package to ensure it reaches the correct person.

Once a package is received by the Hall Administrator, the student will be emailed (to their student email address) to let them know that it has arrived.  We do not deliver packages directly to a residence, nor do we call or sms a students to notify them that a package has arrived.

It is the students responsibility to ensure they check their emails as this is the main method of communication used in this hall.  If you are sending or expecting an urgent package, please feel free to advise me before hand by emailing a.clark@ru.ac.za or tel: 046 603 8692 as I am not always in the office.

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