Estate Planning: Putting your Affairs in Order: A step-by-step guide and checklist of actions you should take now: By Arthur Clarke

Estate Planning
Estate Planning

Estate Planning:  Putting your Affairs in Order:  A step-by-step guide and checklist of actions you should take now:  By Arthur Clarke

This booklet provides:

  • practical and vital financial and estate planning information
  • checklists and programmes of actions you should take now
  • an alphabetical ‘template’ you can use to record your particulars

Like most people you are probably reasonably well-organized, if not perfect.  The trouble is that, when you are no longer around, what may be obvious to you – like ‘you always keep the back door key in the red tin on the kitchen shelf’ – will not be very easy for others to guess.  It needs to be recorded where it can easily be found by those left behind, when you go.

Click here to access the full document and complete the quiz to see how prepared you are:

ESTATE PLANNING: Putting your affairs in order by Arthur Clarke AF





Source:  Arthur Clarke

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