OR Authors

The Alumni Office started collecting books published by Old Rhodians in 2009 and it has led to the establishment of the Old Rhodian Authors’ Bookcase, situated in Alumni House at Rhodes University.

The collection consists of books generously donated by the Authors and covers a wide range of topics. Please visit the Alumni Office if you would like to browse through the bookcase, or if you would like to have more information on the Authors.

A special thank you to the Authors who have donated a copy of their book. We wish you continued success and the best of luck from Rhodes University!

Please have a look at the following links for further information on the books. Please note that the dates depicts the starting year that the Author was at Rhodes University.

Latest Old Rhodian Authors

e-books by Old Rhodians

Old Rhodian Authors 1930 to 1969

Old Rhodian Authors 1970 to 1979

Old Rhodian Authors 1980 to 1999

Old Rhodian Authors 2000 Onwards

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