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RU Research Week Launch, 8 May 2017

RU Research Week Programme

RU Research Week - Monday 8 May 2017 - The Digital Research Landscape contextualised
RU Research Week Launch
Research at Rhodes University
Internationalization of research_focus on natural sciences

RU Research Week - Tuesday 9 May 2017 - Building your Research Toolkit
Don't you know who i am? 

RU Research Week - Wednesday 10 May 2017 - Engaging with Traditional and Social Research Practices
Citation Analysis
“Social Media in Research ~ friend or foe?”

RU Research Week - Thursday 11 May 2017 - Measuring the IMPACT of your research
Handling data
ORCID_Your work is distinctive, what about you?
Your ORCID researcher identity

RU Research Week - Friday 12 May 2017 - Raising the visibility of your research
Rhodes Digital Commons: Raising the visibility of your research


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