Janet Mary Cherry (Distinguished Old Rhodian Award)

Janet Cherry's achievements are so remarkable and varied, from human rights and political activism to lobbying on climate change, energy policy, creating sustainable human settlements, working with NGOs, Government Departments and as a researcher on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, that it is impossible to detail them all in this one page citation.

Sandile Bethuel Malinga (Distinguished Old Rhodian Award)

Dr Sandile Malinga was born in Soweto, obtained his first degree at the University of Swaziland and then enrolled for a two year BSc Honours programme in Physics and Electronics at Rhodes in 1991. He went on to do an MSc in 1995 and obtained his PhD in 2001 focusing on meteor physics. He was the first black South African to obtain a PhD in space science.

Nomkhita Nqweni (Emerging Old Rhodian Award)

Nomkhita graduated from Rhodes with a BSc in 1996, where she majored in Microbiology and Biochemistry and served for two years as a sub-warden of Atherstone House. This was followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Investment Management from RAU(UJ) after which she completed a Leadership Development Programme at GIBS.

Jennifer Elizabeth Thorpe (Emerging Old Rhodian Award)

Jennifer studied politics at Rhodes and obtained her BA in 2005, followed by a BAH with distinction in 2006 and an MA again with distinction in 2009. Jen was raised by her mother and from an early age knew what she wanted. She received a scholarship to attend Epworth in KwaZulu Natal and thereafter received various bursaries, took out loans and worked her way through Rhodes to obtain her three degrees.