Winners 2017

The Old Rhodian Union handed over 28 bursaries to current Rhodes students on Tuesday, 25 July 2017.  The awarding of these bursaries is based on financial need, academic record and where appropriate, whether a re-award is necessary. The OR Union funds are made possible by donations from the Chapman and Fitzsimons funds, the UK Trust, MySchool programme, the Annual Fund, ad hoc donations and various other bequests. 

ORU Bursary 2

This year saw an additional annual bursary, the Rosemary Libby Bursary, a generous donation that was made by Peter Libby, husband to the late Rosemary Libby. Rosemary acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rhodes University in 1961, and worked as a primary school teacher and librarian, providing services for lecturers and students. Her passion for providing quality education will continue in the bursary created in her honour. Peter Libby’s donation will ensure that this bursary carries on for a very long time.

Dr Sizwe Mabizela thanked Mr Libby, who was present during the handover, for his commitment to his wife’s dream and for choosing Rhodes University despite the fact that he never studied with the institution.

“Rhodes University has many platforms that have been created for fundraising purposes. Without our community, immediate and alumni, it would be impossible to have nights like this, where academically deserving students are given an opportunity to access this quality education that we hold so dear,” he said.

A fundraising initiative that is growing steadily is the MySchool fund, which works through the MySchool card to which Rhodes University is a beneficiary. If you wish to donate through this fund, you can apply for a card that allows you to swipe when buying items at certain stores.  Herewith link for application form.

A percentage of the total buying amount is allocated to Rhodes, at no cost to yourselves. Rhodes is currently receiving R1900 per month.

The Old Rhodian Union celebrates its 106th year in existence and its fundraising efforts have been impressive and are still growing.

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