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Building Emergency Coordinator

On receiving notification of a water outage or water quality issue, the Building Emergency Coordinators have the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure that Building Maintenance and Grounds and Gardens (oh), or CPU (ah), have been notified immediately of the outage or water quality issue.
  • Ensure building occupants observe steps that are put into effect by water outage or water quality issue, namely:
  1. Use water sparingly (should water be available).
  2. No washing, showering or bathing to take place.
  3. Use buckets to draw water from tanks (where provided/li>

  • Conduct monthly checks to ensure that water tanks have supply, and if not, inform G&G immediately.
  • Ensure that buckets are available for building occupants to draw water from tanks.
  • Ensure that all taps are turned off (in the event of water supply being restored).
  • Communicate with building occupants about the status of the outage or water quality issue.

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