University Overview

Rhodes University is located in Grahamstown, the heart of the Eastern Cape region, in South Africa. The campus is situated in the western half of Grahamstown. The city has a population of about 120,000 people, and the University has approximately 7,500 students and nearly 1,200 faculty and staff.

The main campus encompasses 240 hectares, 25% of which is covered by buildings. The University has 205 buildings, including approximately 50 occupied residences in 11 halls, and 14 occupied student family apartments, as well as 37 transit accommodation facilities. Major thoroughfares provide access to the University’s main campus. These include Drostdy Arch, Somerset Street, Prince Alfred Street, Lucas Avenue, African Street, and various other areas.

The nearest industrial facilities are restricted to a small area to the west of campus. It is considered unlikely that the University would be directly affected by an incident occurring at these industrial plants. Only under extreme conditions would the University be required to evacuate or conduct shelter-in-place procedures.

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