Executive Director of Infrastructure Operations and Finance

As the most senior operations staff member bearing ultimate responsibility for the University’s physical infrastructure and assets, including water and electricity supply, fire safety and the like, the Executive Director of Infrastructure Operations and Finance or his/her designee has overall responsibility for damage control, with the following responsibilities in the event of an emergency:

  1. Serves as Chair of the Management Team (Senior Management and Academic Leadership Forum).
  2. Declares the level of emergency based on reports from the Campus Protection Unit and other experts.
  3. Serves as Emergency Manager in charge of the Emergency Response Group.
  4. Authorises University campus evacuation orders.
  5. Directs and coordinates specific campus-wide response activities and campus support operations for isolated incidents involving students.
  6. Appoints Emergency Response Personnel within the Division of Infrastructure Operations and Finance to serve on the Emergency Response Groupwhich performs shutdown procedures, controls hazardous areas, supplies barricades, assists Building Emergency Coordinators with evacuation procedures and supports Management as required.
  7. Provides vehicles, equipment, and operators for movement of personnel and supplies, and assigns vehicles for emergency use as required by the Emergency Response Group and other key Rhodes University administrators.
  8. Appoints and leads the Damage Assessment Team, with the assistance of appropriate agencies (see Damage Assessment), to assess damages from the emergency, prepare the University's specific responses and reports the findings to the Vice-Chancellor / Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

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