Management Team Procedures

Upon receiving notification of a communicable infectious disease involving a University student or employee, the Management Team has the following responsibilities:

  1. Develop a continuity of operations plan for maintaining the essential operations of the University including payroll; ongoing communication with employees, students and families; security; maintenance; as well as housekeeping and food service for the residential system.
  2. Establish a pandemic plan for campus-based healthcare facilities that addresses issues unique to educational settings.
  3. Identify a pandemic coordinator and response team (including the Health Care Centre, Counselling Centre, Residential Operations personnel, CPU, Communications and Marketing Division, Executive Director of Infrastructure Operations and Finance, Dean of Students office, academic staff and student representatives) with defined roles and responsibilities for preparedness, response, and recovery planning.
  4. Delineate accountability and responsibility as well as resources for key stakeholders engaged in planning and executing specific components of the operational plan. Ensure that the plan includes timelines, deliverables, and performance measures.
  5. Ensure that pandemic planning is consistent with any existing University emergency operations plan, and is coordinated with the provincial and national Departments of Health and Education.
  6. Work with the local Department of Health to discuss an operational plan for rollout of healthcare and other health and social services to meet the needs of the University and community during and after a pandemic (surge capacity). Ensure they have identified critical supplies needed to support a surge in demand and take steps to have those supplies on hand.
  7. Implement an exercise/drill to test your plan, and revise it regularly.
  8. Develop a recovery plan to deal with consequences of the pandemic (e.g. loss of students, loss of staff, financial and operational disruption).
  9. Share what you have learned from developing your preparedness and response plan with other universities to improve community response efforts.
  1. The Chair of the Management Team should, if necessary, declare an emergency and notify all members of the Management Team.
  2. Liaise with the Emergency Manager to monitor the situation, and provide assistance as necessary.
  3. Keep the Vice-Chancellor or designee informed.

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