Counselling Centre

Upon receiving notification of a mental health incident involving a University student, the responsibilities of the Counselling Centre procedures are as follows:

  1. If situation is ongoing, report to scene to assist student and staff and outside agencies as appropriate.
  2. If assisted or involuntary care is justified, one of the psychologists at the Counselling Centre (not an intern psychologist) or a doctor should complete a MHCA 04 form – an application for involuntary assisted mental health care. Once this is done, the student should be transported to Settlers’ Hospital for a 72-hour observation period.
  3. If student is at hospital, visit student and confer with hospital staff to assess situation and follow up steps that will be needed once student is released from hospital.
  4. Maintain direct contact with the Dean of Students and Department of Health psychological care personnel as necessary.
  5. Contact Warden, Registrar and faculty as necessary.
  6. Schedule counselling sessions as needed.
  7. Initiate debriefing session within 72 hours of incident with students, Dean of Students.

Last Modified: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 17:54:52 SAST