Director of Student Affairs

Upon receiving notification of a communicable infectious disease involving a University student, the responsibilities of the Dean of Studentsare as follows:

  1. Develop and disseminate alternative procedures to assure continuity of instruction (e.g., web-based distance instruction, telephone trees, mailed lessons and assignments, instruction via local radio or television stations) in the event of University closures.
  2. Establish policies for student sick leave absences unique to communicable infectious diseases (e.g. non-punitive, liberal leave).
  3. Establish sick leave policies for students suspected to be ill or who become ill on campus. Students with a known or suspected communicable infectious disease should not remain on campus, or should be kept in isolation at the Health Care Centre, and should return only after their symptoms resolve and they are physically ready to return to campus.
  1. Contact the Emergency Manager, if necessary, to activate the Emergency Management and Response Network )
  2. Contact Communications and Marketing Division.
  3. Contact Student Bureau if the student is an international student.
  4. As soon as possible, initiate a debriefing session and determine who should contact the next of kin or designated contact persons on behalf of the University.

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