Damage Assessment

The Chair of the Management Team will be in charge of the Damage Assessment Team. The team will consist of the following:

  • Deputy Director: Residential Operations
  • Deputy Director: Administration, Finances and Procurement
  • Deputy Director: Facilities Servicing
  • Deputy Director: Infrastructure and Operations Systems
  • Manager: Campus Protection Unit
  • Manager: Building Maintenance
  • Manager: Electrical section
  • Manager: Engineering section
  • Manager: Grounds & Gardens
  • Others as deemed appropriate

The Damage Assessment Team would be assisted by community agencies (e.g. Makana Municipality Fire Department, any regional services agencies, St John Ambulance) in conducting post emergency / disaster surveys to ascertain the damage. The Chair of the Management Team will report the findings to the Vice-Chancellor.

In the chapters that follow, responses to various possible emergencies are considered in detail.

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