Director of Student Affairs

Upon receiving notification of the death of a University student, the responsibilities of the Dean of Students are as follows:

  1. As soon as possible, initiate a debriefing session and determine who should contact the next of kin or designated contact persons on behalf of the University.
  2. Contact the Counselling Centre immediately and alert them to the emergency, so that they can support fellow students.
  3. Inform relevant members of Senior Management: University Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Executive Director of Infrastructure Operations and Finance, Director of Communications and Marketing, Sports Director (if the student was participating in an athletic programme), Student Bureau (if the student was an international student).
  4. Assess the situation to decide which University official, if any, should go to the site or to the hospital.
  5. Inform all Hall Wardens of the facts, to prevent rumours.
  6. After next of kin or designated contact persons have been informed: call a full house meeting to share the news as soon as possible, with Counsellors in attendance. Similar meetings may be necessary for classes in academic departments
  7. Consult next of kin or designated contact persons as to funeral requirements; liaise with Registrar’s Division regarding memorial service in the Chapel.
  8. Maintain direct contact with CPU.

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