Director of Student Affairs

Upon receiving notification of a violent crime involving a University student, the responsibilities of the Dean of Students are as follows:

  1. Contact the Emergency Manager and activate the Emergency Management and Response Network )
  2. Inform Communications and Marketing Division of the incident.
  3. Issue a statement on TopList and Student zone, while observing strict confidentiality, and obtain permission from the survivor about the wording before making any such statement.
  4. Contact the Sports Director if the student was participating in an athletic program.
  5. Contact the Student Bureau if the student is an international student.
  6. Contact the Head of department if extended absence is likely.
  7. As soon as possible, initiate a debriefing session and determine who should contact the family on behalf of the University.
  8. Contact the Counselling Centre to arrange counselling sessions, as required.
  9. Maintain contact with the CPU.

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