Building Emergency Coordinator

Building Emergency Coordinators should wear a reflective bib that is provided in the emergency kit for easy identification. Upon the activation of a fire alarm, Building Emergency Coordinators should follow the University’s FIRE-GEAR evacuation template (see 3.5.3) and carry out the following procedures.

  1. Contact the CPU.
  2. Raise the alarm to alert all occupants about the emergency condition.
  3. If safe to do so, take immediate action to contain the emergency.
  4. Assist in evacuating personnel from the building. Ensure that lifts/elevators are not used.
  5. When building is evacuated, take roll at the designated Emergency Assembly Point to check if all occupants have exited the building.
  6. Where appropriate, distribute first aid kits and direct trained first aiders to persons in need.
  7. Notify CPU personnel at the scene of emergency if there are any casualties.
  8. When notified by the Fire Department that it is safe to do so, inform building occupants that they may re-enter the building.

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