Health Care Centre

Upon diagnosing a University employee or student with a communicable infectious disease, the responsibilities of the Health CareCentre are as follows:

  1. Implement infection control policies and procedures that help limit the spread a disease on campus (e.g. promotion of hand hygiene, cough/sneeze etiquette). Encourage students and staff to get appropriate vaccines, where available.
  2. Procure, store and provide sufficient and accessible infection prevention supplies (e.g. soap, alcohol-based hand hygiene products, tissues and receptacles for their disposal).
  1. Treat the patient in an isolated room in the centre, until no longer infectious.
  2. Notify the local Department of Health (Makana sub-district) and enter details in the HCC notification book.
  3. Inform the Dean of Students (w.r.t. students) or the manager / head of department (w.r.t. employees), as necessary.
  4. Take appropriate measures to contain an epidemic outbreak as applicable, and liaise with the Infection Control sister at Settler’s Hospital.
  5. Issue campus warning of illnesses and potential risks as applicable.

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