Campus Protection Unit

The CPU has the following responsibilities in the event of a fire emergency:


1.    Provide fire safety talks to all residences, as well as departments, divisions and institutes.

2.    Be available to residences, departments, divisions and institutes to oversee fire evacuation drills.


1.    Upon notification, the CPU shift supervisor should immediately notify the CPU duty officer who will telephone the Makana Municipality Fire Department and notify the CPU manager. 

2.    CPU personnel should be dispatched to the scene to:

  • Verify the situation and maintain radio communications with CPU office.
  • Assist in evacuating any personnel from the building (if staff are available).
  • Provide directions for Fire Department personnel entering the building.
  • Direct traffic and provide crowd control.
  • Ensure that fire lanes are accessible for fire trucks.
  • If there are any casualties, call an ambulance.

3.    The Manager of CPU or his/her deputy should contact Building Emergency Coordinators in nearby buildings, so that they are fully prepared to evacuate if the fire appears to threaten their own buildings.

4.    The Manager of CPU or his/her deputy should liaise with the Emergency Manager, who should contact the Chair of the Management Team to activate the Emergency Management and Response Network

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