University Personnel

Upon encountering a violent crime, affected University students or employees should carry out the following procedures. In the case of:

  1. Survivor must go to a safe place and contact the Campus Protection Unit (046-603.8999 or 8146/7) if there is immediate physical danger.
  2. Seek medical assistance (Health Care Centre or private).
  3. Inform office of Dean of Students (w.r.t. students), and get advice as to whether to lay a formal criminal charge or to follow internal disciplinary procedures.
  4. If necessary, contact the RU Counselling Centre or Warden (w.r.t. students) or Counselling Centre (w.r.t. employees) for advice and support.
  1. Staff and students should follow the Rhodes University Sexual Assault Protocol – on the Dean of Students home page ( ):
  • Go to a safe place. Contact the Campus Protection Unit if there is immediate physical danger.
  • Seek medical assistance – it is crucial that the survivor receives Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP).
  • If you do not wish to press charges you will NOT be given PEP at the hospital. In this case, you must report to the RU Health Care Centre immediately. A doctor will be called at the University’s expense to examine you and administer PEP.
  • Tell someone what has occurred, in as much detail as possible, since this account could corroborate evidence if a formal report is made later.
  • Call the Rhodes Psychological Emergency Number at 082-803.0177 or contact your Warden (w.r.t. students).

     2. For support and information related to rights, resources, reporting options:

  • Students should contact the Dean of Students’ Office, which can also assist with referrals to the Rhodes Counselling Centre, and with expediting University student disciplinary proceedings.
  • Staff should contact the Human Resources Division which can also assist with referrals to the Rhodes Counselling Centre, and with expediting University staff disciplinary proceedings.

Note emergency contact numbers in table below. Also refer to (Outgoing Emergency Calls), which lists all emergency numbers that can be dialled from any phone on campus.

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