Outgoing Emergency Calls

The new Rhodes University PBX system treats the following as emergency numbers – these numbers are not barred, and can be dialled from any phone on campus:

On-campus emergencies:


or 8146 / 7

Any emergency on campus (CPU can contact other emergency services, etc)

National emergency call centres:


National emergency call centre (still to be implemented, goes to CPU for now)


Telkom's emergency call centre



National police emergency number

086 001 0111

Crime Stop


046 622 4444

Makana fire brigade

080 111 4444

Makana fire brigade (toll free)



National ambulance service emergency number

082 911

NetCare 911 (also National Sea Rescue Institute)

Poison Information Centres:

021 689 5227

Red Cross Hospital poison centre

021 931 6129

Tygerberg Hospital poison centre

0800 333 444

Unitas Hospital poison centre


0861 322 322

LifeLine national counselling line (sharecall)

Source: www.ru.ac.za/phoneproject/help/emergencynumbers

Numbers identified as ‘emergency numbers' can be dialled from any phone, even if the phone instrument is logged out or if calls might be otherwise barred. In particular, the caller cannot hang up an emergency call; the called party needs to hang up. If the phone has a speaker-phone capability, emergency calls will automatically go to speaker-phone if the caller attempts to hang up.

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