Campus Protection Unit

Upon receiving notification of a mental health incident involving a University student or employee, the responsibilities of the Campus Protection Unit are as follows:

  1. Immediately dispatch a CPU guard in a vehicle to the scene (ambulance if needed).
  2. If the student or employee is taken to the RU Health Care Centre, the Counselling Centre psychologists will attend to the student or employee and conduct an assessment to determine the most appropriate intervention.
  3. Student or employee may agree to a voluntary admission to Fort England Psychiatric Hospital. If a voluntary admission is appropriate and a bed arranged, CPU should transport the student or employee to the hospital. However, if the student or employee requires psychiatric treatment but is unable or unwilling to consent to treatment or is likely to abscond, an application for an assisted or involuntary admission should be made through the Health Care Centre or Counselling Centre. The Counselling Centre psychologists should facilitate this process.
  4. Coordinate the information disseminated to local law enforcement at the scene (if applicable).
  5. The Manager of CPU should contact the Emergency Manager and Chair of the Management Team to activate the Emergency Management and Response Network )
  6. Maintain contact with the Dean of Students (w.r.t. students) or the manager / head of department (w.r.t. employees), and onsite CPU Officers.

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