Management Team

It is essential that members of the University’s senior management recognise their ultimate responsibility with regard to planning the University's response to incidents and providing appropriate guidance and support to members of the University community during and after emergency situations, in order to protect their safety and security needs. The Management Team (Senior Management and Academic Leadership Forum) is formed for this purpose, and should meet at least once a year to review procedures and update this Emergency Management Plan where necessary. The team should also conduct post-incident meetings to evaluate the effectiveness of the emergency management procedures.

It is important that the same team of people is responsible for handling any incidents that may arise at Rhodes University. This means that the University deals consistently and procedurally with incidents and that as little pressure as possible is placed on people who are dealing with the emergency – particularly those who have not previously dealt with these types of emergency situations. The Management Team (Senior Management and Academic Leadership Forum) includes but is not limited to:

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Executive Director of Infrastructure Operations and Finance

Manager of Campus Protection Unit

Director of Communications and Marketing Division

Director Information Technology

Director of Human Resources

Director of Student Affairs

Deans of Faculties


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