University Personnel

All Rhodes University personnel, staff and students, have the following general responsibilities in the event of an emergency:

  1. Always carry your Wallet Card (prepared by the Communications and Marketing Division) containing concise information on what to do in an emergency.
  2. Review simple set of standing instructions issued to members of the wider University community outlining What to do in an Emergency (see Appendices – A).
  3. Be familiar with specific information regarding safety in your building, especially building location of fire alarm system devices, alarms, and evacuation routes from your workstation.

Note: Copies of a building’s emergency evacuation procedures, including a diagram of the building evacuation routes, should be visible in all areas/floors of each building to ensure that occupants can evacuate as quickly and safely as possible in the event of a fire. This is the responsibility of managers / heads, in collaboration with their Building Emergency Coordinators.

  1. Always bear in mind that the safety of people should be your first consideration; the safety of the building and its contents is secondary.

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